A Stitch in Time Saves Nine: Definition, Useful Examples & Synonyms

A Stitch in Time Saves Nine! The phrase “a stitch in time saves nine” is a common proverb you might hear during an everyday conversation or possibly see in writing. Here you will find the meaning of this phrase and examples of statements so you can see how the phrase is used properly in conversation, followed by some other ways you could say the phrase and convey the same thought.

proverb is a simple, concrete, traditional saying that expresses a perceived truth based on common sense or experience. Some proverbs exist in more than one language because people borrow them from languages and cultures similar to theirs.

A Stitch in Time Saves Nine

A Stitch in Time Saves Nine Meaning

“A stitch in time saves nine” is an old English proverb which means that you should fix something as soon as it is damaged, do not wait to deal with a specific problem. If not, things will get worse and the problems will take longer to deal with.

In other words, this proverb means that a timely effort that will prevent more work later. It certainly means prevention is better than cure. Furthermore, this important phrase tells us procrastination is a bad habit. Hence, if a problem exists, then one must fix it immediately. If not fixed in time, then even more problems can arise.


A Stitch in Time Saves Nine is a wise saying. This phrase refers to a hole in a cloth. This hole would certainly get bigger if not fixed in time.

Example Sentences

  • Why not repair the car now, when it’s just losing a little coolant? It’ll be much more expensive if we have to replace the radiator. A stitch in time saves nine.
  • The timely investigation could be prevented the major malfunction in computers. Someone truly said that a stitch in time saves nine.
  • Prime Minister summed up the speech in the saying “a stitch in time saves nine“.
  • It seems that something wrong with my car, it’s better to get its check-up as a stitch in time saves nine.
  • Remember a stitch in time saves nine. So what are you doing now?
  • Men say that a stitch in time saves nine, and so they take a thousand stitches today to save nine tomorrow.
  • Deal with the problem now. Remember, a stitch in time saves nine.
  • Let’s repair the dam before water seeps in. A stitch in time saves nine.
  • ” Must you mend that mow? ” ” I prefer to, a stitch in time saves nine. “
  • If you have an idea for your final research paper, start writing today. Don’t wait until the end of the semester. A stitch in time saves nine.

Synonym/ Related Words

  • Do time
  • Time and again
  • Big time
  • For the time being
  • To the end of time
  • Some other time
  • Pass the time of day
  • Time is on my side
  • Third time’s the charm
  • Crunch time
  • Time does sail
  • Time flies
  • Not give the time of day
  • Call time
  • Play for time
  • Time out of mind
  • Small-time
  • No time to lose
  • Time of your life
  • Since time immemorial
  • No time like the present
  • Long time no see
  • Nick of time
  • Fullness of time
  • Question of time
  • The sands of time
  • Just in the nick of time
  • Ahead of time
  • Pressed for time
  • Long time no hear
  • Time-honoured practice
  • Stand the test of time
  • Time and tide wait for no man
  • Waste no time
  • At/in one fell swoop
  • No sooner said than done
  • Off the bat
  • Off the cuff

A Stitch in Time Saves Nine Infographic

A Stitch in Time Saves Nine

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ipsita ray
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Raiyanu Hassan
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ipsita ray
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