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10 Useful Animal Idioms in English with their Meaning

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Commonly Used Animal Idioms in English! Learn what these animal idioms mean and use these expressions when you are studying English.

Idioms Related to Animal

Animal Idioms

Animal Idioms in English

Like a fish out of water

  • Meaning: To be uncomfortable in a particular situation

Hold your horses

  • Meaning: Wait and be patient

Cash cow

  • Meaning: A good way to make money

Cat nap

  • Meaning: A short sleep

Get the lion’s share

  • Meaning: Get the greatest percentage

Kill two birds with one stone

  • Meaning: Get two things done at once

Loaded for bear

  • Meaning: Prepared for problems, well prepared for a challenge

Flew the coop

  • Meaning: Escape, left

Get someone’s goat

  • Meaning: To irritate someone deeply

Fat cat

  • Meaning: A highly placed, well-paid executive
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