Useful Collocations with KEEP | English Vocabulary

Collocation refers to a natural combination of words that are closely affiliated with each other. You will find a list of commonly used collocations with KEEP in this article.

Collocations with KEEP

  • Keep in touch
  • Keep track of
  • Keep tabs on
  • Keep in mind
  • Keep sth to yourself
  • Keep someone
  • Keep someone’s place
  • Keep someone posted
  • Keep it up
  • Keep it down
  • Keep up
  • Keep your job
  • Keep safe
  • Keep someone company
  • Keep sth on the down low
  • Keep a secret
  • Keep a promise
  • Keep a diary
  • Keep a journal
  • Keep the change
  • Keep score
  • Keep your balance
  • Keep someone in check
  • Keep an appointment
  • Keep away
  • Keep pace
  • Keep calm
  • Keep the quite
  • Keep records
  • Keep animals
  • Keep up the good work.

KEEP Collocations | Infographic

collocations with keep

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Sheeraz Muhammad
Sheeraz Muhammad
1 year ago


Paul Comlan AZIAKPO
Paul Comlan AZIAKPO
1 year ago

That’s very amiable and so useful.