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40 Powerful Collocations with MAKE in English

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Collocations are word combinations that frequently appear together and sound natural to native speakers. By learning collocations, you can improve your vocabulary and sound more fluent when speaking English. In this article, we’ll cover a range of collocations with “make”, from everyday phrases like “make a cup of tea” to more complex expressions like “make a fortune”.

Common Collocations with ‘Make’

In this section, we will cover some of the most common collocations with the verb ‘make’. These are phrases that are frequently used together in English, and mastering them can help you sound more fluent and natural. We will divide the collocations into three categories: personal life, professional life, and academic contexts.

Collocations with MAKE

Collocations with MAKE

Make in Personal Life

In our personal lives, we use ‘make’ to describe a wide range of activities. Here are some common collocations:

Collocation Example Sentence
Make a bed I always make my bed as soon as I get up in the morning.
Make dinner Can you help me make dinner tonight?
Make a phone call I need to make a phone call to my mom.
Make plans Let’s make plans to go to the beach this weekend.
Make a wish I blew out the candles and made a wish.

Make in Professional Life

In our professional lives, ‘make’ is often used to describe actions that lead to success. Here are some common collocations:

Collocation Example Sentence
Make a decision We need to make a decision about which candidate to hire.
Make a profit Our company has been struggling to make a profit this year.
Make progress We’ve made a lot of progress on the project so far.
Make a presentation I have to make a presentation at the conference next week.
Make a sale I’m hoping to make a sale at the trade show this weekend.

Make in Academic Contexts

In academic contexts, ‘make’ is often used to describe actions related to learning and studying. Here are some common collocations:

Collocation Example Sentence
Make a decision We need to make a decision about which candidate to hire.
Make a mistake It’s okay to make mistakes as long as you learn from them.
Make a point She always makes a point to thank her employees for their hard work.
Make a revision I need to make some revisions to my essay before I submit it.
Make a study plan I’m going to make a study plan for the final exam.
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By mastering these common collocations with ‘make’, you’ll be able to express yourself more fluently and naturally in English. Practice using them in context, and soon they’ll become second nature to you.

List of Collocations with MAKE

Collocations with Make

  • Make an appointment
  • Make a fortune
  • Make charge
  • Make money
  • Make an effort
  • Make friends
  • Make a decision
  • Make fun of somebody
  • Make breakfast
  • Make love
  • Make lunch
  • Make a mess
  • Make dinner
  • Make a mistake
  • Make a choice
  • Make a noise
  • Make an exception
  • Make a sound
  • Make an excuse
  • Make a phone call
  • Make plans
  • Make a mistake
  • Make progress
  • Make a profit
  • Make the bed
  • Make a suggestion
  • Make a wish
  • Make an attempt
  • Make a point
  • Make an offer
  • Make a request
  • Make a mistake
  • Make changes
  • Make furniture
  • Make payment
  • Make room
  • Make clear
  • Make trouble
  • Make an excuse
  • Make a cake

Make Collocations with Example Sentences

Collocation Example Sentence
Make an appointment I need to make an appointment with my dentist.
Make a fortune He made a fortune in the stock market.
Make charge The police officer decided to make a charge.
Make money She started her own business to make money.
Make an effort He made a great effort to finish the project.
Make friends It’s easy to make friends in a new city.
Make a decision We need to make a decision about the proposal.
Make fun of somebody It’s not nice to make fun of people’s mistakes.
Make breakfast I usually make breakfast for my family.
Make love They made love under the stars.
Make lunch Can you make lunch for us today?
Make a mess He always makes a mess in the kitchen.
Make dinner She’s going to make dinner for us tonight.
Make a mistake I’m sorry, I made a mistake on the report.
Make a choice You need to make a choice between the two.
Make a noise Please don’t make a noise, I’m studying.
Make an exception We can make an exception this time.
Make a sound The baby made a strange sound.
Make an excuse He always makes an excuse for being late.
Make a phone call Can you make a phone call to the doctor’s office?
Make plans Let’s make plans for the weekend.
Make progress We’re making progress on the project.
Make a profit The company made a huge profit last year.
Make the bed Can you please make the bed before leaving?
Make a suggestion I’d like to make a suggestion for improvement.
Make a wish I always make a wish when blowing out candles.
Make an attempt He made an attempt to climb the mountain.
Make a point She made a good point during the discussion.
Make an offer I’m going to make an offer to buy the car.
Make a request Can I make a request for a different room?
Make a mistake I made a mistake on the math problem.
Make changes We need to make some changes to the plan.
Make furniture He enjoys making furniture in his spare time.
Make payment Please make payment before the due date.
Make room We need to make room for the new employee.
Make clear Can you make it clear what you mean?
Make trouble He’s always making trouble for others.
Make an excuse She made an excuse for not attending the party.
Make a cake I’m going to make a cake for my friend’s birthday party.
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Practice and Exercises

As we have learned, collocations are essential to master if we want to sound more natural when speaking English. In this section, we will provide you with some interactive activities and quizzes to practice collocations with ‘make.’

Exercise 1: Choose the correct collocation to complete the sentence.

  1. I need to __________ with my doctor for a check-up. (make an appointment / make a bed)
  2. He __________ in the stock market and retired early. (made a profit / made breakfast)
  3. The police officer decided to __________ against the suspect. (make charge / make a point)
  4. She started her own business to __________. (make furniture / make money)
  5. He made a great __________ to finish the project on time. (make trouble / make an effort)

Exercise 2: Complete the sentence with the correct collocation.

  1. Can you please __________ before leaving the hotel room? 
  2. I always __________ when blowing out the candles on my birthday cake
  3. He’s always __________ for being late to meetings.
  4. We need to __________ to the original plan to stay on track. 
  5. She’s going to __________ for us tonight, so we don’t have to cook.

Exercise 3: Fill in the blank with the correct collocation.

  1. We’re __________ on the project and hope to finish soon.
  2. Can you please __________ for me and call the restaurant to make a reservation?
  3. He always __________ for people’s mistakes, which isn’t very kind.
  4. I’m going to __________ to buy a new car this weekend.
  5. She __________ to climb the mountain, but didn’t make it to the top.


Exercise 1: 1. make an appointment, 2. made a profit, 3. make a charge, 4. make money, 5. make an effort

Exercise 2: 1. make the bed, 2. make a wish, 3. making excuses, 4. make changes, 5. make dinner

Exercise 3: 1. making progress, 2. make a phone call, 3. makes fun of, 4. make an offer, 5. made an attempt


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