25+ Commonly Used Collocations with TIME in English

Collocations with Time! Below is the list of Collocations with the word “time” in English that you could use in your daily conversation.

Collocations with Time in English

  • Free time
  • Going through a tough time
  • Have a great time
  • Have a hard/rough time
  • Have time
  • It’s about time
  • Just in time
  • Keep time
  • Kill time
  • Leisure time
  • Make time for
  • On time
  • Over time
  • Pass the time
  • Precious time
  • Pressed for time
  • Record time
  • Run out of time
  • Save time
  • Set time
  • Spare time
  • Spend time
  • Stall for time
  • Take time off
  • Take your time
  • Tell time
  • Waste time

Time Collocations | Infographic

collocations with time

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