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Desert vs Dessert : How to Use Them Correctly (with Examples)

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Desert vs Dessert! These words are two commonly confused words in the English language. This article will explain clearly how to use them correctly with ESL printable infographic.

Desert vs Dessert: What is the Difference?



  • Desert is a noun that means a large, dry area with few plants or uncultivated area. Many deserts are full of sand dunes and have very few animals living in them.
  • When we pronounce this word, the emphasis is on the first syllable: “DES-ert“.


  • Sahara desert is located in Africa.
  • Deserts lack vegetations and have high temperatures.
  • This area of the country is mostly desert.
  • Nobody likes to live in the desert.
  • This type of owl prefers a desert habitat.



  • Dessert is a noun that means the sweet dish you sometimes eat after a meal, like fruit, ice cream, or cake.
  • When we pronounce this word, the emphasis is on the second syllable: “dess-ERT“.


  • The five-course meal included desserts as well.
  • Ice-cream is my favorite dessert.
  • I was tempted by the dessert menu.
  • After dinner, we had ice cream for dessert.
  • For dessert, there’s a fruit pie of some sort.
  • Freshly baked apple pie makes a tasty dessert.

Dessert vs Desert | Infographic

Desert vs Dessert


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