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What Does The Popular Phrase “First and Foremost” Mean?

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First and Foremost meaning! In this lesson, you will find the definition of the phrase, example sentences of how the phrase is used properly and different ways to say the same thing.

First and Foremost

First and Foremost

First and Foremost Meaning

The common phrase “First and Foremost” is used to emphasize the main point or the most quality of something or someone. This phrase is also used for starters; to begin.

First and Foremost Example Sentences

  • He was a singer, but first and foremost a scholar.
  • Dublin is thought of first and foremost for its literary heritage.
  • It is a film first and foremost about loss.
  • It is first and foremost a trade agreement.
  • He does a little teaching, but first and foremost he’s a writer.
  • In spite of being elected to office, she remains first and foremost a writer.
  • First and foremost is the potential for massive fraud.
  • Your loyalty lies first and foremost with your family.
  • He was first and foremost an educator who cared about his students.
  • First and foremost, Borland have taken the Windows interface and used it to good advantage.
  • First and foremost, our fear that the right wing would have veto power over appointments to the Supreme Court.
  • He does a bit of writing, but first and foremost he’s a teacher.
  • The driving mirror is first and foremost an image: a self-reflexive representation or, in psychoanalytic terms, a narcissistic identification.
  • First and foremost, we are intentionally considering a limited subset of the potential causes of recent longer-term climate change.
  • However my worry is not first and foremost a medical one but a spiritual one.
  • First and foremost in importance to the structure were the bishops.
  • The employer receives first and foremost priority services from its lawyers – there are no distractions from other clients.
  • First and foremost, it is vital to understand that predators usually thrive on passive souls.
  • First and foremost this involved a whole battery of controls over production and consumption.
  • First and foremost is that almost every facility has an OHP projector whereas not all have slide projectors.
  • This meant, first and foremost, following Bacon in the making of natural histories.
  • In spite of being elected to office, she remains first and foremost a writer.
  • My boy, the first and foremost work of a doctor is to inspire confidence in his being one.
  • My other travelling companion, Tim Thompson, would describe himself first and foremost as a writer.
  • Friends say that this was the demand she put first and foremost on the list of what she wanted to achieve.
  • It has been established that such items as these were employed first and foremost as musical instalments.
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First and Foremost Synonym

  • Especially
  • First of all
  • Primarily
  • Above all
  • Firstly
  • Mainly
  • Particularly
  • In the first place
  • Most importantly
  • Before all else
  • First ever
  • At the outset
  • Fundamentally
  • Priority
  • Basically
  • Before anything else
  • Essentially
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