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Simple Ways of Asking For and Giving Directions in English

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Asking for and Giving Directions in English. In this lesson, you will learn common phrases for asking and giving directions to someone else with ESL printable infographic. 

Learn more about common phrases of asking for and giving advice.

Asking for & Giving Direction in English

Asking For Direction

To ask about directions use these questions:

  • How can I get to…from here?
  • How do I get to …?
  • Can you show me the way to…?
  • Can you tell me how to get to…?
  • Where is…?
  • What’s the best way to get to…?
  • Can you give me directions to the…?
  • How do you get to the …?
  • Where can I find the…?
  • Is there…near here?
  • Is there a… around here?
  • What’s the quickest way to get to…from here?
  • What’s the easiest way to get to the…from here?

Giving Directions

To give directions use these expressions:

  • Go+ direction (right, left, down, up, through)
  • Turn left/right
  • Take the first (turning) to the left/right.
  • Go past the restaurant/school…
  • The … is beside/in front of/next to…the…
  • The easiest way is to…
  • The quickest way is to…
  • The best way is to…
  • Take + road name
  • Stay on + road name for + distance or time
  • It’s on + street name…
  • It’s across from…
  • It’s opposite…
  • It’s near…
  • It’s around the corner from…
  • Turn right at the next street.
  • Get in the left lane.
  • Go one more block. Then turn right.
  • At the next traffic lights turn…
  • It’s going to be on your right.
  • Follow me. I’ll show you the way.
  • Do you want me to draw you a map?

If you don’t know the way, you can say:

  • I don’t know what to advise, I’m afraid.
  • I wish I could suggest something, but I can’t.
  • I wish I could help.
  • I’m afraid I can’t really help you.
  • I’m sorry, I’m not from here.
  • Sorry, I don’t know my way around here.
  • You could ask the bus driver.
  • Ask the front desk clerk.

Asking About and Giving Directions | Infographic

Simple Ways of Asking For and Giving Directions in English 1


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