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Hang In There: Definition, Useful Conversation Examples & Synonyms List

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Hang in there meaning! Learn the definition of the common expression “hang in there”, when and how to use this with many useful examples and ESL picture.

Hang In There Meaning

Learn the idiom “Hang In There” with ESL printable infographic below:

Hang In There

What Does “Hang In There” Mean?

The idiom “hang in there” is an informal and friendly expression that people use as a way to encourage someone to not give up, to be persistent or stay calm, to not lose hope and keep on fighting even though it is a challenging situation.

In a nutshell, “hang in there” means “be patient and things will work out”.

Note: In the UK, people also call hang on in there.

Example Sentences

  • Hang in there, everything will be fine.
  • Hang in there and you never know what you might achieve.
  • Hang in there, baby. You can pass the university entrance exam!
  • Hang in there! You’ll soon catch on to the language.
  • I know things are tough right now, just hang in there.
  • No matter how long it takes, just hang in there.
  • Hang in there old buddy; the worst is yet to come.
  • I know you’re struggling right now in school but just hang in there.
  • Work can get tough in the middle of a term but hang on in there and it’ll be OK.
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Conversation Examples

FatherHey, David, how are things between you and your wife?

SonWe’ve been fighting a lot for months now.  I’m getting worried about my marriage.

FatherMarriage can be like that.  If you keep working on it and don’t give up, things will get better.

Son Thanks, Dad.  I’ll keep trying my best.

Father Good attitude my son.  Hang in there!

Hang In There Synonyms

“Hang In There” Synonyms List

Learn the common synonyms list for the phrase “hang in there” with useful example sentences:

  • Be patient.
  • Don’t lose hope.
  • Keep going, don’t give up.
  • Keep going
  • Hold on
  • Stand firm
  • Be stubborn
  • Carry on
  • See it through
  • Stay the course
  • Stick with it
  • Keep driving
  • Go for broke
  • Go for it
  • Hang tough
  • Be determined
  • Be resolved
  • Keep hold of
  • Stick your guns
  • Stay strong
  • Hold fast
  • Brace yourself

Synonyms for “Hang In There” with Examples

Be patient

  • I can’t be patient of your childish questions anymore.

Don’t lose hope

  • Don’t lose hope. You never know what tomorrow will bring.

Keep going

  • This is exhausting work, but I manage to keep going somehow.

Hold on

  • Hold on for a minute, I’ve just got to put on my makeup.

Stand firm

  • If you stand firm, we can hardly come to term.

Be stubborn

  • If you want to be stubborn, just keep on insisting.

Carry on

  • They’ll carry on with their plan.

See it through

  • The course was hard, but I wanted to see it through.

Stay the course

  • I don’t think he’s sufficiently dedicated to stay the course.

Stick with it

  • We’re going to stick with it till we get the job done.
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Keep driving

  • In a society that values freedom above all, the obvious way to celebrate a centenary is just to keep driving.

Go for broke

  • I decided to go for broke and start my own business.

Go for it

  • It sounds a great idea. Go for it!

Hang tough

  • You will come through any crisis if you hang tough.

Stay strong

  • On the basis of this analysis of the problem, I urged the President to stay strong in dealing with Gorbachev.

Hold fast

  • No matter how many difficulties remain, I will hold fast till the end.

Brace yourself

  • Brace yourself for a new challenge!
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