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HMU Meaning with Useful Example Sentences in English

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HMU meaning! What does HMU mean? Learn the definition of this abbreviation with useful example sentences and other meanings as well as several alternative ways to use instead of this one.



What Does HMU Mean?

  • HMU is abbreviated for the phrase “Hit Me Up”. It is a request for social invitation and used to say “text me” or “contact me” or simple “let’s talk again”. This common phrase is a modern shorthand way to announce that you’re looking for something to do and would like to invite a person to communicate with you further, but not right now.
  • This is also an internet slang that might be used during texting, online conversations, informal email or instant messaging.

Other Meanings of HMU

  • Height Monitoring Unit
  • Hook Me Up
  • Help Me Understand
  • Helmet Mounted Unit
  • Harlan Municipal Utilities
  • Hollow Masonry Unit
  • Hydro-Mechanical Unit
  • Hospital Medicine Unit

HMU in Example Sentences

  • My friend hit me up for 10 dollars.
  • She hit me up for $20.
  • Hit me up when you’re are the party.
  • Feel free to hit me up on my talk if you have an issue with my post.
  • A lot of people have hit me up actually about it.

Other Ways to Say HMU

  • Hook me up
  • Ask me
  • Call me
  • Give me a call