Idioms About Friendship | 15 Important Friendship Idioms for ESL Learner

Idioms about Friendship in English! Here are 15 English language idioms about friendship and relationships which will no doubt be helpful when you speak English with others.

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Idioms About Friendship

1. Like two peas in a pod

Meaning: Very similar

2. To be as thick as thieves

Meaning: To be very close or friendly

3. To bury the hatchet

Meaning: To end a conflict

4. To clear the air

Meaning: To defuse the tension

5. A shoulder to cry on

Meaning: Someone who listens to your problems

6. Strike up a friendship

Meaning: To become friends

7. To see eye to eye with someone

Meaning: To agree with someone

8. Friends in high places

Meaning: Have friends who have important or influential positions

9. To know someone inside out

Meaning: To know someone very well

10. To build bridges

Meaning: To promote friendly relations between people or groups

11. Birds of a feather flock together

Meaning: People who have the same outlook/tastes/interests will be found in each other’s company

12. To hit it off

Meaning: To find yourself immediately and naturally friendly with someone

13. To get on like a house on fire

Meaning: To get on very well with someone

14. To speak the same language

Meaning: To understand someone, as a result, your shared values or opinions

15. To get on swimmingly

Meaning: To get on very well with someone

Friendship Idioms | Infographic

Idioms About Friendship

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