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List of Adjectives: 1000+ Adjectives from A to Z for ESL Learners

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List of adjectives in English! Learn the useful list of common adjectives from A to Z to improve your vocabulary words with ESL printable infographic.

An adjective is a word that describes a noun. Often, the adjective is before the noun it describes. Sometimes an adjective is not followed by a noun, for example:

  • There is a tall woman.
  • This building is so high.
  • The joke she told was so not funny.
  • This house is very nice.

1000+ Adjectives from A to Z for ESL Learners

list of adjectives

Common Adjectives in English

Positive Adjectives List

Adjectives Examples
Happy She was happy to see her friend after a long time.
Joyful The kids were joyful after winning the game.
Cheerful The cheerful flowers brightened up the room.
Pleasant The breeze was pleasant on a hot summer day.
Delightful The dessert was delightful and tasted heavenly.
Wonderful The vacation was wonderful and full of adventure.
Fantastic The performance was fantastic and left the audience in awe.
Fabulous The dress looked fabulous on her.
Amazing The view from the top of the mountain was amazing.
Great The presentation was great and informative.
Terrific The movie was terrific and had a great storyline.
Excellent The report was excellent and well-researched.
Superb The food at the restaurant was superb and delicious.
Brilliant The idea was brilliant and innovative.
Awesome The concert was awesome and had amazing music.
Outstanding The student’s performance was outstanding and impressive.
Magnificent The palace was magnificent and had stunning architecture.
Remarkable The achievements of the athlete were remarkable.
Splendid The party was splendid and had great food and drinks.
Glorious The sunrise was glorious and breathtaking.
Phenomenal The book had a phenomenal plot and kept me hooked till the end.
Spectacular The fireworks display was spectacular and lit up the night sky.
Incredible The magic trick was incredible and left the audience stunned.
Beautiful The garden was beautiful and had colorful flowers.
Gorgeous The actress looked gorgeous in her gown.
Lovely The weather was lovely and perfect for a picnic.
Charming The town was charming and had a cozy vibe.
Attractive The painting was attractive and had vibrant colors.
Radiant The bride looked radiant on her wedding day.
Enchanting The music was enchanting and had a calming effect.
Mesmerizing The dance performance was mesmerizing and graceful.
Fascinating The museum had fascinating exhibits on ancient history.
Intriguing The mystery novel was intriguing and kept me guessing till the end.
Exquisite The jewelry was exquisite and had intricate details.
Divine The dessert tasted divine and was the highlight of the meal.
Blissful The vacation was blissful and relaxing.
Serene The lake looked serene and peaceful.
Tranquil The garden was tranquil and had a calming effect.
Calm The yoga session left me feeling calm and relaxed.
Peaceful The protest was peaceful and had a positive impact.
Relaxed The massage left me feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.
Refreshed The shower left me feeling refreshed and energized.
Renewed The therapy session helped me feel renewed and empowered.
Rejuvenated The spa treatment left me feeling rejuvenated and refreshed.
Energized The workout left me feeling energized and motivated.
Vitalized The vitamin supplement helped me feel vitalized and healthy.
Dynamic The company had a dynamic and innovative culture.
Lively The party was lively and had great music and dancing.
Spirited The team had a spirited performance and won the game.
Vibrant The painting had vibrant colors and looked lively.
Thriving The business was thriving and had a successful year.
Flourishing The garden was flourishing and had healthy plants.
Productive The team had a productive meeting and made progress.
Creative The artist had a creative approach to painting.
Innovative The company had innovative solutions for the problem.
Inventive The inventor had an inventive idea for a new product.
Resourceful The team was resourceful and found a solution to the problem.
Versatile The actor was versatile and played different roles with ease.

Negative Adjectives List

Adjectives Examples
Angry He got angry when he saw the mess in the kitchen.
Arrogant She was so arrogant that she refused to listen to anyone else.
Bitter He had a bitter attitude towards life.
Bossy She was a bossy manager who micromanaged her team.
Cold His response to her question was cold and dismissive.
Cruel The way he treated his employees was cruel and unfair.
Cynical She had a cynical view of the world and its people.
Deceitful He was a deceitful salesman who lied to his customers.
Defiant She was defiant and refused to obey the rules.
Depressed He had been feeling depressed for weeks.
Dishonest His dishonest behavior led to his dismissal from the company.
Disrespectful Her disrespectful attitude towards her boss got her fired.
Dull The lecture was so dull that half the audience fell asleep.
Envious She was envious of her colleague’s promotion.
Greedy His greed for money caused him to cheat his clients.
Harsh His harsh criticism made her feel terrible.
Hateful His hateful comments towards certain groups were offensive.
Impatient He was too impatient to wait for his turn.
Inconsiderate His inconsiderate behavior towards his girlfriend hurt her.
Insecure Her insecurity made her doubt herself constantly.
Insensitive His insensitive comments showed a lack of empathy.
Jealous Her jealousy towards her sister’s success was evident.
Lazy He was too lazy to get out of bed before noon.
Malicious Her malicious actions caused harm to others.
Moody Her mood swings made it difficult to work with her.
Nasty His nasty personality made him unpopular with his coworkers.
Needy Her constant need for attention was exhausting.
Negative His negative attitude was bringing down the whole team.
Obnoxious His obnoxious behavior was not welcome in the office.
Pessimistic She had a pessimistic outlook on life.
Rude His rude comments offended everyone in the room.
Selfish Her selfish behavior caused problems in the relationship.
Stubborn He was too stubborn to consider other options.
Stupid His stupid mistake cost the company a lot of money.
Suspicious Her suspicious behavior raised some red flags.
Tactless His tactless comments hurt her feelings.
Tempestuous His tempestuous personality made it hard to predict his moods.
Terrible The service at the restaurant was terrible.
Ungrateful Her ungrateful attitude towards her parents upset them.
Unkind His unkind words were hurtful to others.
Unpredictable Her unpredictable behavior made it hard to work with her.
Unreliable His unreliability caused him to lose his job.
Untrustworthy His untrustworthy behavior made him a liability.
Vicious His vicious comments were meant to hurt
Vulgar His vulgar jokes made everyone uncomfortable.
Weak He had a weak personality and couldn’t stand up for himself.
Wicked Her wicked actions caused harm to others.
Withdrawn He was so withdrawn that it was hard to get to know him.
Worthless His worthless advice led to a disastrous outcome.
Wrathful Her wrathful outburst scared everyone in the room.
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Appearance Adjectives List

Adjective Examples
Beautiful She has beautiful hair.
Handsome He is a handsome man.
Pretty The flowers are pretty.
Cute The puppy is so cute.
Gorgeous She is wearing a gorgeous dress.
Stunning The sunset was stunning.
Striking Her eyes are striking.
Attractive He is an attractive person.
Radiant The bride looked radiant.
Lovely She has a lovely smile.
Charming The restaurant had a charming atmosphere.
Elegant She has an elegant posture.
Fashionable He is always wearing fashionable clothes.
Trendy She is wearing a trendy outfit.
Stylish His haircut is very stylish.
Sophisticated She has sophisticated taste in art.
Classy The event was very classy.
Dashing He has a dashing personality.
Suave His suave demeanor impressed the guests.
Dapper He always looks so dapper in a suit.
Sharp His sharp wit made us laugh.
Rugged He has a rugged look about him.
Masculine He has a masculine physique.
Feminine She has a feminine style.
Delicate The lace on her dress was delicate.
Gracious She is a gracious host.
Exquisite The art exhibit had exquisite paintings.
Alluring Her perfume was alluring.
Magnetic He has a magnetic personality.
Captivating The movie was captivating.
Enchanting The garden was enchanting.
Bewitching The witch had a bewitching smile.
Mesmerizing The dancer was mesmerizing.
Hypnotic The music was hypnotic.
Mysterious The stranger had a mysterious aura.
Intriguing The book had an intriguing plot.

Color Adjectives List

Adjectives Examples
Red The roses were a deep shade of red.
Orange The sun set behind the orange trees.
Yellow The canary’s feathers were bright yellow.
Green The grass was a lush shade of green.
Blue The ocean was a deep shade of blue.
Purple The velvet curtains were a rich shade of purple.
Pink The baby’s room was painted a soft shade of pink.
Black The cat blended into the dark black night.
White The snow was pure white and untouched.
Grey The sky was a dull shade of grey.
Brown The chocolate cake was a rich shade of brown.
Golden The trophy gleamed with a golden shine.
Silver The moon was shining with a silver light.
Bronze The statue was cast in a shiny bronze material.
Turquoise The waters of the Caribbean were a bright turquoise blue.
Magenta The flowers in the garden were a vibrant magenta.
Lavender The lavender fields smelled sweet and fragrant.
Indigo The starry sky was a deep shade of indigo.
Crimson The leaves turned a beautiful shade of crimson in the fall.
Rust The old car had a rusted exterior.

Condition Adjectives List

Adjectives Examples
New She bought a new car.
Old My grandma has an old house.
Clean The kitchen is clean.
Dirty Don’t touch that, it’s dirty.
Wet I got wet in the rain.
Dry The desert is dry.
Broken The vase is broken.
Intact The package arrived intact.
Healthy She eats healthy food.
Sick He’s sick and can’t come to work.
Strong The athlete is very strong.
Weak My arms feel weak after lifting weights.
Open The window is open.
Closed The door is closed.
Smooth The surface is smooth to the touch.
Rough The surface is rough and bumpy.
Soft The pillow is soft and fluffy.
Hard The rock is hard and heavy.
Comfortable The chair is very comfortable.
Uncomfortable The bed is uncomfortable and lumpy.
Safe The neighborhood is safe.
Dangerous The bridge is dangerous to cross.
Bright The sun is bright in the sky.
Dark The room is dark without any light.
Quiet The library is quiet.
Noisy The construction site is noisy.
Tired I’m tired after a long day at work.
Refreshed I feel refreshed after a good night’s sleep.
Empty The room is empty with no furniture.
Full The glass is full of water.

Shape Adjectives List

Adjectives Examples
Circular The wheels on the bike are circular.
Square The room is shaped like a square.
Rectangular The table is rectangular in shape.
Triangular The roof of the house is triangular.
Spherical The ball is perfectly spherical.
Oval The mirror on the wall is oval-shaped.
Cylindrical The column was cylindrical in shape.
Conical The tower had a conical roof.
Hexagonal The honeycomb has hexagonal cells.
Diamond-shaped The kite was diamond-shaped.
Star-shaped The flower has a star-shaped pattern.
Pentagon-shaped The sign has a pentagon-shaped outline.
Octagonal The stop sign is octagonal in shape.
Crescent-shaped The moon appears crescent-shaped.
Heart-shaped The candy is heart-shaped.
Arrow-shaped The signpost has an arrow-shaped pointer.
Trapezoidal The prism has a trapezoidal base.
Curved The road has a curved path.
Angled The building has an angled roof.
Straight The pole is straight and tall.
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Size Adjectives List

Adjectives Examples
Circular The wheels on the bike are circular.
Square The room is shaped like a square.
Rectangular The table is rectangular in shape.
Triangular The roof of the house is triangular.
Spherical The ball is perfectly spherical.
Oval The mirror on the wall is oval-shaped.
Cylindrical The column was cylindrical in shape.
Conical The tower had a conical roof.
Hexagonal The honeycomb has hexagonal cells.
Diamond-shaped The kite was diamond-shaped.
Star-shaped The flower has a star-shaped pattern.
Pentagon-shaped The sign has a pentagon-shaped outline.
Octagonal The stop sign is octagonal in shape.
Crescent-shaped The moon appears crescent-shaped.
Heart-shaped The candy is heart-shaped.
Arrow-shaped The signpost has an arrow-shaped pointer.
Trapezoidal The prism has a trapezoidal base.
Curved The road has a curved path.
Angled The building has an angled roof.
Straight The pole is straight and tall.

Taste Adjectives List

Adjective Examples
Sweet The cake was sweet and delicious.
Sour The lemon was too sour for me to eat on its own.
Salty The popcorn had just the right amount of salt.
Bitter The coffee was bitter, but I still drank it.
Umami The miso soup had a rich, umami flavor.
Spicy The chili was too spicy for me to handle.
Savory The roast chicken had a savory aroma.
Tangy The vinaigrette had a tangy, citrusy flavor.
Tart The apple was tart and crisp.
Rich The chocolate was rich and decadent.
Creamy The ice cream was creamy and smooth.
Zesty The salsa had a zesty kick to it.
Peppery The steak had a peppery seasoning on it.
Herbal The tea had a herbal, earthy taste.
Citrusy The lemonade was tart and citrusy.
Robust The red wine had a robust flavor.
Mild The cheese had a mild, nutty taste.
Sharp The cheddar cheese had a sharp flavor.
Smoky The bacon had a smoky aroma and flavor.
Earthy The mushrooms had an earthy, woodsy taste.
Nutty The almond had a nutty flavor.
Fruity The smoothie was fruity and refreshing.
Buttery The croissant was flaky and buttery.
Refreshing The cucumber water was refreshing on a hot day.
Juicy The peach was juicy and sweet.

Sound Adjectives List

Adjective Examples
Loud The music was so loud, it made my ears hurt.
Soft She spoke to him in a soft voice.
Noisy The construction site was very noisy.
Quiet The library was so quiet you could hear a pin drop.
Shrill The sound of the alarm was very shrill.
Mellifluous The singer’s voice was mellifluous and soothing.
Jarring The sudden noise was jarring and unexpected.
Harmonious The orchestra played a harmonious melody.
Muffled His voice was muffled by the scarf he was wearing.
Booming The fireworks made a booming sound.
Grating The sound of the chalkboard was grating on my nerves.
Resonant The sound of the bell was resonant and deep.
Raucous The party was so raucous, it woke up the neighbors.
Clamorous The protest was clamorous and loud.
Hushed The audience was hushed as the play began.
Screeching The sound of the car’s brakes screeching was deafening.
Sibilant The snake made a sibilant sound as it slithered away.
Euphonious The choir’s performance was euphonious and beautiful.
Discordant The musicians played a discordant tune.
Thunderous The thunderous applause lasted for several minutes.
Faint I could hear a faint whisper in the distance.
Clear The sound of the bell was clear and distinct.
Mellow The saxophone player had a mellow tone.
Tinny The speakers made a tinny sound.
Whining The child was whining about not getting a toy.
Rhythmic The drums played a rhythmic beat.
Monotonous The lecture was monotonous and boring.
Cacophonous The traffic was cacophonous and chaotic.
Blaring The sirens were blaring as the ambulance rushed by.
Strident The sound of the violin was strident and unpleasant.

Complete List of Adjectives (A-Z)

Below you will find the largest list of adjectives from A to Z you are likely to find anywhere.

Adjectives that Start with A

Here is the list of adjectives that start with letter A:

  • aback
  • abaft
  • abandoned
  • abashed
  • aberrant
  • abhorrent
  • abiding
  • abject
  • ablaze
  • able
  • abnormal
  • aboard
  • aboriginal
  • abortive
  • abounding
  • abrasive
  • abrupt
  • absent
  • absorbed
  • absorbing
  • abstracted
  • absurd
  • abundant
  • abusive
  • acceptable
  • accessible
  • accidental
  • accurate
  • acid
  • acidic
  • acoustic
  • acrid
  • actually
  • adamant
  • adorable
  • adventurous
  • aggressive
  • agitated
  • alert
  • aloof
  • amiable
  • amused
  • annoyed
  • antsy
  • anxious
  • appalling
  • appetizing
  • apprehensive
  • arrogant
  • ashamed
  • astonishing
  • attractive
  • average

Adjectives that Start with B

Here is the list of adjectives that start with the letter B:

  • bad
  • barbarous
  • bashful
  • batty
  • bawdy
  • beautiful
  • beefy
  • befitting
  • belligerent
  • beneficial
  • bent
  • berserk
  • best
  • better
  • bewildered
  • big
  • billowy
  • bite-sized
  • biting
  • bitter
  • bizarre
  • black
  • black-and-white
  • bland
  • bloody
  • blue
  • blue-eyed
  • blushing
  • boiling
  • boorish
  • bored
  • boring
  • bouncy
  • boundless
  • brainy
  • brash
  • brave
  • brawny
  • breakable
  • breezy
  • brief
  • bright
  • broad
  • broken
  • brown
  • bulky
  • bumpy
  • burly
  • bustling
  • busy

Adjectives that Start with C

  • cagey
  • calculating
  • callous
  • calm
  • capable
  • capricious
  • careful
  • careless
  • caring
  • cautious
  • ceaseless
  • certain
  • changeable
  • charming
  • cheap
  • cheeky
  • cheerful
  • chemical
  • chief
  • childlike
  • chilly
  • chivalrous
  • chubby
  • chunky
  • clammy
  • classy
  • clean
  • clear
  • clever
  • cloistered
  • closed
  • cloudy
  • clueless
  • clumsy
  • cluttered
  • coherent
  • cold
  • colorful
  • colossal
  • combative
  • comfortable
  • common
  • complete
  • complex
  • concerned
  • condemned
  • condescending
  • confused
  • conscious
  • contemplative
  • convincing
  • convoluted
  • cooing
  • cool
  • cooperative
  • coordinated
  • corny
  • costly
  • courageous
  • cowardly
  • crabby
  • craven
  • crazy
  • creepy
  • crooked
  • cruel
  • cuddly
  • cultured
  • cumbersome
  • curious
  • curly
  • curved
  • curvy
  • cut
  • cynical

list of adjectives

Adjectives that Start with D

  • daffy
  • daily
  • damaged
  • damaging
  • damp
  • dangerous
  • dapper
  • dark
  • dashing
  • dazzling
  • dead
  • deadpan
  • deafening
  • dear
  • debonair
  • decayed
  • deceitful
  • decisive
  • decorous
  • deep
  • deeply
  • defeated
  • defective
  • defiant
  • delicate
  • delicious
  • delightful
  • delirious
  • demonic
  • dependent
  • depraved
  • depressed
  • deranged
  • descriptive
  • deserted
  • despicable
  • detailed
  • determined
  • devilish
  • dilapidated
  • diminutive
  • disgusted
  • distinct
  • distraught
  • distressed
  • disturbed
  • dizzy
  • drab
  • drained
  • dull

Adjectives that Start with E

  • eager
  • early
  • earsplitting
  • earthy
  • easy
  • eatable
  • economic
  • ecstatic
  • educated
  • efficacious
  • efficient
  • eight
  • elastic
  • elated
  • elderly
  • electric
  • elegant
  • elfin
  • elite
  • emaciated
  • embarrassed
  • eminent
  • empty
  • enchanted
  • enchanting
  • encouraging
  • endurable
  • energetic
  • enormous
  • entertaining
  • enthusiastic
  • envious
  • equable
  • equal
  • erect
  • erratic
  • ethereal
  • exasperated
  • excited
  • exhilarated
  • extensive
  • exuberant

Adjectives that Start with F

  • fabulous
  • faded
  • faint
  • fair
  • faithful
  • fallacious
  • false
  • familiar
  • famous
  • fanatical
  • fancy
  • fantastic
  • far
  • far-flung
  • fascinated
  • fast
  • fat
  • faulty
  • fearful
  • fearless
  • feeble
  • feigned
  • female
  • fertile
  • festive
  • few
  • fierce
  • fierce
  • filthy
  • flat
  • floppy
  • fluttering
  • foolish
  • frantic
  • fresh
  • friendly
  • frightened
  • frothy
  • frustrating
  • funny
  • fuzzy
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Adjectives that Start with G

  • gabby
  • gainful
  • gamy
  • gaping
  • garrulous
  • gaudy
  • general
  • gentle
  • ghastly
  • giant
  • giddy
  • gifted
  • gigantic
  • glamorous
  • gleaming
  • glib
  • glistening
  • glorious
  • glossy
  • godly
  • good
  • goofy
  • gorgeous
  • graceful
  • grandiose
  • grateful
  • gratis
  • gray
  • greasy
  • grieving
  • gritty
  • grotesque
  • grubby
  • grumpy

Adjectives that Start with H

  • habitual
  • half
  • hallowed
  • halting
  • handsome
  • handsomely
  • handy
  • hanging
  • hapless
  • happy
  • hard
  • hard-to-find
  • harebrained
  • harmonious
  • harsh
  • hateful
  • heady
  • healthy
  • heartbreaking
  • heavenly
  • heavy
  • hellish
  • helpful
  • helpless
  • hesitant
  • hideous
  • high
  • highfalutin
  • high-pitched
  • hilarious
  • hissing
  • historical
  • holistic
  • hollow
  • homeless
  • homely
  • honorable
  • horrible
  • horrific
  • hospitable
  • hot
  • huge
  • hulking
  • humdrum
  • humorous
  • hungry
  • hurried
  • hurt
  • hushed
  • husky
  • hypnotic
  • hysterical

Adjectives that Start with I

  • icky
  • icy
  • ideal
  • idiotic
  • ignorant
  • ill
  • illegal
  • ill-fated
  • ill-informed
  • illustrious
  • imaginary
  • immense
  • imminent
  • impartial
  • imperfect
  • impolite
  • important
  • imported
  • impossible
  • impressionable
  • incandescent
  • incompetent
  • inconclusive
  • incredible
  • industrious
  • inexpensive
  • infamous
  • innate
  • innocent
  • inquisitive
  • insidious
  • instinctive
  • intelligent
  • interesting
  • internal
  • intrigued
  • invincible
  • irate
  • irritable
  • irritating
  • itchy

Adjectives that Start with J

  • jaded
  • jagged
  • jazzy
  • jealous
  • jittery
  • jobless
  • jolly
  • joyous
  • judicious
  • juicy
  • jumbled
  • jumpy
  • juvenile

Adjectives that Start with K

  • kaput
  • keen
  • kind
  • kindhearted
  • kindly
  • knotty
  • knowing
  • known

Adjectives that Start with L

  • labored
  • lackadaisical
  • lacking
  • lame
  • lamentable
  • languid
  • large
  • last
  • late
  • laughable
  • lavish
  • lazy
  • lean
  • learned
  • left
  • legal
  • lethal
  • level
  • lewd
  • light
  • like
  • likeable
  • limping
  • literate
  • little
  • lively
  • livid
  • living
  • lonely
  • long
  • longing
  • long-term
  • loose
  • lopsided
  • loud
  • loutish
  • lovely
  • loving
  • low
  • lowly
  • lucky
  • ludicrous
  • lumpy
  • lush
  • luxuriant
  • lying
  • lyrical

Adjectives that Start with M

  • macabre
  • macho
  • maddening
  • madly
  • magenta
  • magical
  • magnificent
  • majestic
  • makeshift
  • male
  • malicious
  • mammoth
  • maniacal
  • many
  • marked
  • married
  • marvelous
  • massive
  • material
  • materialistic
  • mature
  • mean
  • measly
  • meaty
  • medical
  • meek
  • melancholy
  • mellow
  • melodic
  • melted
  • merciful
  • mere
  • messy
  • mighty
  • military
  • milky
  • mindless
  • miniature
  • minor
  • minute
  • miscreant
  • mistaken
  • misty
  • mixed
  • moaning
  • modern
  • moldy
  • momentous
  • moody
  • mortified
  • motionless
  • mountainous
  • muddled
  • muddy
  • mundane
  • murky
  • mushy
  • mute
  • mysterious

Adjectives that Start with N

  • naive
  • nappy
  • narrow
  • nasty
  • natural
  • naughty
  • nauseating
  • near
  • neat
  • nebulous
  • necessary
  • needless
  • needy
  • neighborly
  • nervous
  • new
  • next
  • nice
  • nifty
  • nimble
  • nine
  • nippy
  • noiseless
  • noisy
  • nonchalant
  • nondescript
  • nonsensical
  • nonstop
  • normal
  • nostalgic
  • nosy
  • noxious
  • null
  • numberless
  • numerous
  • nutritious
  • nutty

Adjectives that Start with O

  • oafish
  • obedient
  • obeisant
  • obese
  • obnoxious
  • obscene
  • obsequious
  • observant
  • obsolete
  • obtainable
  • oceanic
  • odd
  • offbeat
  • old
  • old-fashioned
  • omniscient
  • one
  • onerous
  • open
  • opposite
  • optimal
  • orange
  • ordinary
  • organic
  • ossified
  • outgoing
  • outrageous
  • outstanding

Adjectives that Start with P

  • painful
  • painstaking
  • pale
  • paltry
  • panicky
  • panoramic
  • parallel
  • parched
  • parsimonious
  • past
  • pastoral
  • pathetic
  • peaceful
  • penitent
  • perfect
  • periodic
  • permissible
  • perpetual
  • petite
  • precious
  • prickly
  • proud
  • pungent
  • puny

Adjectives that Start with Q

  • quack
  • quaint
  • quarrelsome
  • questionable
  • quick
  • quickest
  • quiet
  • quirky
  • quixotic
  • quizzical

Adjectives that Start with R

  • rabid
  • racial
  • ragged
  • rainy
  • rambunctious
  • rampant
  • rapid
  • rare
  • raspy
  • ratty
  • ready
  • real
  • reassured
  • rebel
  • receptive
  • recondite
  • red
  • redundant
  • reflective
  • regular
  • relieved
  • repulsive
  • responsive
  • ripe
  • robust
  • rotten
  • rotund
  • rough
  • round

Adjectives that Start with S

  • sable
  • sad
  • safe
  • salty
  • same
  • sarcastic
  • sassy
  • satisfying
  • savory
  • scandalous
  • scant
  • scarce
  • scared
  • scary
  • scattered
  • scientific
  • scintillating
  • scrawny
  • screeching
  • second
  • second-hand
  • selfish
  • shaggy
  • shaky
  • shallow
  • sharp
  • shiny
  • short
  • silky
  • silly
  • skinny
  • slimy
  • slippery
  • small
  • smarmy
  • smiling
  • smoggy
  • smooth
  • smug
  • soggy
  • solid
  • sore
  • sour
  • sparkling
  • spicy
  • splendid
  • spotless
  • square
  • stale
  • steady
  • steep
  • sticky
  • stormy
  • stout
  • straight
  • strange
  • strong
  • stunning
  • substantial
  • successful
  • succulent
  • superficial
  • superior
  • swanky
  • sweet

Adjectives that Start with T

  • taboo
  • tacit
  • tacky
  • talented
  • tall
  • tame
  • tan
  • tangible
  • tangy
  • tart
  • tasteful
  • tasteless
  • tasty
  • tawdry
  • tearful
  • tedious
  • teeny
  • teeny-tiny
  • telling
  • tender
  • tense
  • terrible
  • testy
  • thankful
  • thick
  • thoughtful
  • thoughtless
  • tight
  • timely
  • tricky
  • trite
  • troubled
  • twitterpated

list of adjectives

Adjectives that Start with U

Here is the list of adjectives that start with the letter U:

  • ubiquitous
  • ugliest
  • ugly
  • ultra
  • unable
  • unaccountable
  • unadvised
  • unarmed
  • unbecoming
  • unbiased
  • uncovered
  • understood
  • undesirable
  • unequal
  • unequaled
  • uneven
  • unhealthy
  • uninterested
  • unique
  • unkempt
  • unknown
  • unnatural
  • unruly
  • unsightly
  • unsuitable
  • untidy
  • unused
  • unusual
  • unwieldy
  • unwritten
  • upbeat
  • uppity
  • upset
  • uptight
  • used
  • useful
  • useless
  • utopian
  • utter
  • uttermost

Adjectives that Start with V

  • vacuous
  • vagabond
  • vague
  • valuable
  • various
  • vast
  • vengeful
  • venomous
  • verdant
  • versed
  • vexed
  • victorious
  • vigorous
  • violent
  • violet
  • virtuous
  • vivacious
  • vivid
  • voiceless
  • volatile
  • voracious
  • vulgar

Adjectives that Start with W

  • wacky
  • waggish
  • waiting
  • wakeful
  • wandering
  • warlike
  • warm
  • wary
  • wasteful
  • watery
  • weak
  • wealthy
  • weary
  • well-groomed
  • well-made
  • well-off
  • well-to-do
  • wet
  • whimsical
  • whispering
  • white
  • whole
  • whopping
  • wicked
  • wide
  • wide-eyed
  • wiggly
  • wild
  • willing
  • windy
  • wiry
  • wise
  • wistful
  • witty
  • wobbly
  • woebegone
  • womanly
  • wonderful
  • woozy
  • workable
  • worried
  • worthless
  • wrathful
  • wretched
  • wrong
  • wry

Adjectives that Start with Y

  • yellow
  • yielding
  • young
  • youthful
  • yummy

Adjectives that Start with Z

  • zany
  • zealous
  • zippy

Adjectives Exercises

Exercise 1: Identify the Adjectives

Identify the adjectives in the following sentences:

  1. The red apple is delicious.
  2. She wore a beautiful dress to the party.
  3. His new car is fast.
  4. The lazy cat slept all day.
  5. The tall building was visible from far away.


  1. red
  2. beautiful
  3. new
  4. lazy
  5. tall

Exercise 2: Using Adjectives to Describe Nouns

Complete the following sentences with appropriate adjectives to describe the nouns:

  1. The _____ dog barked all night. (noisy)
  2. The _____ sky was breathtakingly beautiful. (clear)
  3. My _____ sister is a talented musician. (musical)
  4. The _____ cake was too sweet for my taste. (sugary)
  5. The _____ book was a bestseller. (popular)


  1. noisy
  2. clear
  3. musical
  4. sugary
  5. popular

Exercise 3: Comparative and Superlative Adjectives

Complete the following sentences with the correct comparative or superlative form of the adjectives in brackets:

  1. This is the _____ (heavy) box I have ever lifted. (heaviest)
  2. The weather today is _____ (hot) than yesterday. (hotter)
  3. She is _____ (intelligent) than her sister. (more intelligent)
  4. This is the _____ (interesting) book I have read in a long time. (most interesting)
  5. He is _____ (tall) than his brother. (taller)


  1. heaviest
  2. hotter
  3. more intelligent
  4. most interesting
  5. taller

Exercise 4: Order of Adjectives

Put the following adjectives in the correct order to describe the noun:

  1. The _____ (new, blue, leather) sofa was very comfortable. (new, blue, leather)
  2. He wore a _____ (striped, cotton, white) shirt. (white, striped, cotton)
  3. She bought a _____ (big, red, Italian) sports car. (Italian, red, big)


  1. new, blue, leather
  2. white, striped, cotton
  3. Italian, red, big

Common Adjective List | Infographic

Learn the useful list of adjectives with ESL pictures.

list of adjectives

list of adjectives

list of adjectives

list of adjectivesUseful list of adjectives in English | Image

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