Love Idioms: 30 Popular Idioms about Love in English

 A list of 30 most commonly used Love Idioms in English illustrated. Learn these idioms to expand your vocabulary list.

Love is a hot topic, and almost everyone is interested in finding love. As you might expect, there are hundreds of idioms that relate to the topic of love.

The following are lost of words – idioms and expressions that people use to express the love they may be feeling.

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Love Idioms in English

List of Idioms about Love

Here is the list of most frequently used idioms about Love:

  • A match made in heaven 
  • An item 
  • Better half 
  • Birds of a feather flock together 
  • Blind date 
  • Double date 
  • Head over heels 
  • Love is blind 
  • Love me, love my dog 
  • Lovey-dovey 
  • Other half 
  • Puppy love 
  • The apple of someone’s eye 
  • Those three little words 
  • To be hung up on someone 
  • To fall for 
  • To (take a) fancy (to) someone 
  • To fix/set someone up 
  • To get hitched 
  • To go dutch 
  • To go steady with someone 
  • To have a crush on someone 
  • To hit it off 
  • To pop the question 
  • To say ‘I do!’ 
  • To settle down with someone 
  • To take someone’s breath away 
  • To tie the knot 
  • To whisper sweet nothings 
  • Two’s company, three’s a crowd 

Love Idioms with their Meaning

A match made in heaven 

  • Meaning: A relationship/pairing in which each member/part perfectly complements the other

An item 

  • Meaning: A couple who are involved in an established relationship

Better half 

  • Meaning: Partner/spouse

Birds of a feather flock together 

  • Meaning: People who have the same outlook/tastes/interests will be found in each other’s company

Blind date 

  • Meaning: A meeting between two people who do not know each other, arranged in the hope that a romance might develop between them

Double date 

  • Meaning: A social occasion attended by two couples

Head over heels 

  • Meaning: Intensely in love

Love is blind 

  • Meaning: When you love someone, you no longer see/care about their faults

Love me, love my dog 

  • Meaning: If you love someone you must accept everything about them including their faults


  • Meaning: Romantic and affectionate (often excessively so)

Other half 

  • Meaning: Partner/spouse

Puppy love 

  • Meaning: Intense, new, and usually superficial love (often said in reference to love experienced by teenagers)

The apple of someone’s eye 

  • Meaning: The person someone adores

Those three little words 

  • Meaning: The words ‘I love you’

To be hung up on someone 

  • Meaning: To long for/be obsessed with someone

To fall for 

  • Meaning: To fall in love with

To (take a) fancy (to) someone 

  • Meaning: To become fond of/attracted to someone

To fix/set someone up 

  • Meaning: To arrange a meeting between two people in the hope that they might develop a romantic connection

To get hitched 

  • Meaning: To get married

To go dutch 

  • Meaning: To equally share the cost of something (usually a meal)

To go steady with someone 

  • Meaning: To be in a relationship with someone

To have a crush on someone 

  • Meaning: To be attracted to someone

To hit it off 

  • Meaning: To immediately get on with someone

To pop the question 

  • Meaning: To propose marriage

To say ‘I do!’ 

  • Meaning: To agree to marriage (in reference to making vows in the wedding ceremony)

To settle down with someone 

  • Meaning: To adopt a steady and stable lifestyle with someone (sometimes after marriage and with the intention of having children)

To take someone’s breath away 

  • Meaning: To inspire the feeling of awe in someone

To tie the knot 

  • Meaning: To marry

To whisper sweet nothings 

  • Meaning: To whisper words of affection

Two’s company, three’s a crowd 

  • Meaning: Two people, especially two people who are in love, should be left alone

Types of Love

Puppy love

Meaning: Infatuation between school-age kids or teens, or jokingly, a similar type of infatuation between older people.

Young love

Meaning: Said of one’s first boyfriend or girlfriend or very young people who think they are in love; implies innocence and wonder.

First love

Meaning: The first person one falls in love with.

Love at first sight

Meaning: The act of falling in love the first time one sees someone.

True love

Meaning: A genuine feeling of romantic love; often said playfully.

Unrequited love

Meaning: Love that is not reciprocated, not retuned; a one-way love.

Idioms about Love | Infographic

Love Idioms

Love Idioms

Love Idioms

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