Love Idioms: 30 Popular Idioms about Love in English

 A list of 30 most commonly used Love Idioms in English illustrated. Learn these idioms to expand your vocabulary list.

Love Idioms in English

A match made in heaven 

  • Meaning: A relationship/pairing in which each member/part perfectly complements the other

An item 

  • Meaning: A couple who are involved in an established relationship

Better half 

  • Meaning: Partner/spouse

Birds of a feather flock together 

  • Meaning: People who have the same outlook/tastes/interests will be found in each other’s company

Blind date 

  • Meaning: A meeting between two people who do not know each other, arranged in the hope that a romance might develop between them

Double date 

  • Meaning: A social occasion attended by two couples

Head over heels 

  • Meaning: Intensely in love

Love is blind 

  • Meaning: When you love someone, you no longer see/care about their faults

Love me, love my dog 

  • Meaning: If you love someone you must accept everything about them including their faults


  • Meaning: Romantic and affectionate (often excessively so)

Other half 

  • Meaning: Partner/spouse

Puppy love 

  • Meaning: Intense, new, and usually superficial love (often said in reference to love experienced by teenagers)

The apple of someone’s eye 

  • Meaning: The person someone adores

Those three little words 

  • Meaning: The words ‘I love you’

To be hung up on someone 

  • Meaning: To long for/be obsessed with someone

To fall for 

  • Meaning: To fall in love with

To (take a) fancy (to) someone 

  • Meaning: To become fond of/attracted to someone

To fix/set someone up 

  • Meaning: To arrange a meeting between two people in the hope that they might develop a romantic connection

To get hitched 

  • Meaning: To get married

To go Dutch 

  • Meaning: To equally share the cost of something (usually a meal)

To go steady with someone 

  • Meaning: To be in a relationship with someone

To have a crush on someone 

  • Meaning: To be attracted to someone

To hit it off 

  • Meaning: To immediately get on with someone

To pop the question 

  • Meaning: To propose marriage

To say ‘I do!’ 

  • Meaning: To agree to marriage (in reference to making vows in the wedding ceremony)

To settle down with someone 

  • Meaning: To adopt a steady and stable lifestyle with someone (sometimes after marriage and with the intention of having children)

To take someone’s breath away 

  • Meaning: To inspire the feeling of awe in someone

To tie the knot 

  • Meaning: To marry

To whisper sweet nothings 

  • Meaning: To whisper words of affection

Two’s company, three’s a crowd 

  • Meaning: Two people, especially two people who are in love, should be left alone

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Love Idioms

Love Idioms

Love Idioms

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