Making Suggestions | Many Useful Phrases to Make Suggestions in English

Making Suggestions and Responding in English! Learn basic useful phrases to make suggestions, accept suggestions or refuse suggestions with useful examples and ESL infographic.

In some speaking activities, you have to make suggestions and responding to suggestions. The following will help you to learn to make a suggestion which is a good way to improve your English conversation skills.

Learn more about how to express opinions in English.

How to Make and Respond to Suggestions

Making Suggestions

  • Let’s revise…
  • What about going to…?
  • How about going …?
  • Why don’t we go …?
  • Couldn’t we …?
  • Shall we …?
  • What would you say to …?
  • Don’t you think it is a good idea to …?
  • Does it matter if we …?
  • Would you like to …?
  • Let’s go to…
  • I suggest you/we take…into consideration…
  • We could…
  • Do you fancy …
  • We might as well…

Accepting Suggestions

  • Ok. let’s.
  • Yes, I’d like to.
  • Yes, I’d love to.
  • What a good idea!
  • Why not?
  • Yes, with pleasure.
  • Yes, I feel like taking a walk.
  • Yes. That sounds like a good idea.
  • Yes, that’s not a bad idea.
  • Brilliant!
  • Count me in too.

Refusing Suggestions

In some case, you want to refuse or you disagree with the suggestions, you could say:

  • No, let’s not.
  • Well, I’d rather…
  • I don’t feel like it.
  • I dislike going for a walk.
  • What an awful/bad idea!
  • I’m not sure about that idea.
  • I’d love to but…
  • I don’t think it will work.
  • I don’t think I can.
  • I’m not very keen on (+_ing)

Things to Remember about suggestions

1. The verb “suggest” can be followed by either:

Should + verb = I suggest (that) we should go to the theater.
A verb (in the subjunctive form)= I suggest (that) we go to the movies.

2.”That” is optional:

  • I suggest that we should visit Paris.
  • I suggest we should visit Paris.

Making and Responding to Suggestions | Infographic

Making Suggestions

Making Suggestions

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