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No Pain No Gain: Definition, Usage & Useful Examples in English

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No Pain No Gain Meaning! What does this idiom mean? Learn the definition and the usage of “no pain no gain” with useful example sentences and interesting conversation examples.

No Pain No Gain Meaning

No Pain No Gain

What Does “No Pain No Gain” Mean?

The proverb is used to say that in order to achieve worthwhile goals, it is necessary to suffer or work hard. In other words, only by facing, dealing with difficulty or hardship, you will succeed or make progress.

For life, any person who sits idle and do not do any labour cannot gain anything in their life. Without adequate effort we cannot get any result. Similar to this a student must put in a good deal of hard work for a considerable length of time to attain a proper qualification.

Example Sentences

  • I am going to the gym twice a day and all my muscles ache, but you know what they say, no pain no gain!
  • I am studying to be a doctor, I study all the time but someday I will have a huge house and three ex-wives. No pain no gain!
  • I’ve work for hour on those irregular French verbs, but no pain no gain.
  • Work on yourself and live your dreams or leave them. No pain no gain!

Conversation Examples

Example 1:

  • John: This exercise is so difficult!
  • Tom: Yeah but it’ll help you lose weight. As they say, no pain, no gain!

Example 2:

  • Anna: I’ve been studying for my exams and I never get to go out with my friends
  • Sarah: Don’t worry, no pain no gain!

Example 3:

  • Emma: Hey, you look great. Have you been exercising?
  • Pheona: Yeah, everyday for the last 4 months.
  • Emma: Well, it must be so hard to exercise for so long.
  • Pheona: Yeah, but I want to look good, and you know “no pain no gain”!

Synonyms for “No Pain No Gain”

  • No effort no result
  • Nothing ventured nothing gained
  • Suffering is needed to be successful

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