Note Taking Abbreviations | List of Important Abbreviations for Note Taking

Note Taking Abbreviations in English! Using symbols and abbreviations will save you time when listening and note-taking. Learn how to abbreviate words effectively in this lesson below.

Note Taking Abbreviations List

Here is the common list of abbreviations for note taking:

@ At
= Equal
# Hash
; Semicolon
, Comma
% Percent
_ Underscore
Quotation Mark
. Full Stop
| Bar / pipe
: Colon
$ Dollar Sign
& And
{ } Curly Brackets
[ ] Square Brackets
? Question Mark
/ Slash
! Exclamation Mark
> Greater Than

Note Taking Abbreviations | Infographic

Note Taking Abbreviations

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Elizabeth de Sancé
Elizabeth de Sancé
1 year ago

The first column of the picture is uneven