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“On the Nose”: What Does This Interesting Idiom Mean?

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On The Nose meaning! Are you looking for the definition of the common idiom “on the nose”? You are on the right page. The following lesson introduces what does this idiom mean, with example sentences and alternative form for this idiom with interesting ESL infographic.

On The Nose Meaning

on the nose

What Does On The Nose Mean?

The idiom “on the nose” is used to indicate that something was exactly right, precisely accurate (often an exact amount of time and money). It also refers to someone who has been exact in something with some complication and difficulty. Take an example “Her commentary for the new plan is right on the nose.

Example Sentences

Let’s take more examples used in sentences to understand clearly about this idiom:

  • Her estimate was right on the nose.
  • He gets up at 6 a.m. on the nose every morning.
  • The budget should hit the $136 billion target on the nose.
  • Her description of the play was right on the nose.
  • True to his word, the detective arrived at 3:38 PM on the nose.
  • It is now the Liberals who are on the nose at a state level.

Synonyms for On The Nose

Here is the list of synonyms for the idiom “on the nose” that you could use instead.

  • Correct
  • On target
  • Right
  • On the money
  • Precisely
  • Exactly
  • On the button
  • Accurate
  • Punctual
  • Sharp