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On The Other Hand Synonym: List of 30 Useful Synonyms for ON THE OTHER HAND

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On The Other Hand Synonym in English! Learn the useful list of synonyms for the phrase “On the other hand” with practical examples and ESL picture.

On The Other Hand Synonym

On The Other Hand Synonym

List of On The Other Hand Synonyms

The following is 30 words to use instead of On the other hand to enhance your vocabulary words. Let’s get started:

  • But
  • On the contrary
  • On the other side
  • However
  • In contrast
  • Notwithstanding
  • Although
  • Conversely
  • Though
  • Nevertheless
  • In spite of
  • Otherwise
  • In any case
  • Alternatively
  • Then again
  • Whereas
  • Under other conditions
  • At any rate
  • Having said that
  • That said
  • On the flip side
  • If not
  • Diversely
  • Or else
  • Regardless
  • Despite
  • Any other way
  • Or then
  • In different circumstances
  • Nonetheless

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Synonyms for On The Other Hand with Examples


  • John is good at French but weak at history.

On the contrary

  • It wasn’t a good thing; on the contrary, it was a huge mistake.

On the other side

  • On the other side of the hill, the land falls away sharply.


  • I want to make it clear, however, that no one is untouchable in this investigation.

In contrast

  • In contrast with her sister, she is very tall.


  • Notwithstanding some members’ objections, I think we must go ahead with the plan.


  • Although I poured it carefully, I still managed to spill some.


  • Conversely, you might say that it is ridiculous.
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  • Anne was fond of Tim, though he often annoyed her.


  • She was very tired, nevertheless she kept on working.

In spite of

  • She is cheerful in spite of his illness.


  • The radio had been stolen, but otherwise, we got the car back in one piece.

In any case

  • He thought her campaign would probably fade out soon in any case.


  • We could go to the Indian restaurant, or alternatively, we could try that new Italian place.

Then again

  • I like to travel but, then again, I’m very fond of my home.


  • He must be about sixty, whereas his wife looks about thirty.

Under other conditions

  • But, under other conditions, individuals influence one another in such a way that the crowd becomes a herd, led by a few.

At any rate  

  • Well, I’m not going home on foot, at any rate.

Having said that

  • He forgets most things, but having said that, he always remembers my birthday.

That said

  • That said, it’s free from torque steer and is very accurate.

On the flip side  

  • On the flip side of partnerships, he talked about their competition.

If not

  • It was a warm day, if not exactly hot.

Or else

  • We must be there by six, or else we’ll miss the beginning.


  • He says what he thinks, regardless of other people’s feelings.


  • Despite the bad weather, we enjoyed ourselves.

Any other way

  • It’s hard to see it any other way, though I’m trying to keep an open mind.

In different circumstances

  • Special types of graph paper can be useful in different circumstances.


  • There was still a long way to go. Nonetheless, some progress had been made.