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Another Word for Otherwise | 15+ Useful Otherwise Synonyms in English

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OTHERWISE Synonyms in English! On this page, you will find a list of synonyms for the word Otherwise with meaning and examples with ESL printable infographics. 

OTHERWISE Synonyms in English

Synonyms for Otherwise

  • Differently
  • In different circumstances
  • Or then
  • Under other conditions
  • Contrarily
  • Elseways
  • Diversely
  • Or else
  • Any other way
  • If not
  • In another way
  • Elsewhere
  • Alternatively
  • Unlike
  • Dissimilarly
  • Variously
  • Apart from that
  • In other respects

Otherwise Synonym with Example Sentences


  • Meaning: It is used to indicate something which is not the same as another.
  • Example: They think differently from other people.

In Different Circumstances

  • Meaning: It means in another way.
  • Example: However, different results can be obtained from the experiment in different circumstances.

Or Then

  • Meaning: It is used to show different result or way.
  • Example: We should catch the bus or then we will have to go to the ceremony by taxi.

Under Other Conditions

  • Meaning: It means in different situations.
  • Example: But you should try it under other conditions.


  • Meaning: It means in an opposite, adverse, or unexpected way.
  • Example: Contrarily, I had a lot of fun at the party.


  • Meaning: It means in some other ways.
  • Example: If I told people tricks of the magic, elseways no one would come to watch the show again.


  • Meaning: It means in different ways.
  • Example: We should evaluate the issue diversely.

On The Other Hand

  • Meaning: It is used to express different thing from the first mentioned before.
  • Example: I eat all kind of food, on the other hand, my sister does not eat every food.

Or Else

  • Meaning: It is used to say what another possibility is.
  • Example: He must attend the meeting, or else, you will be punished.

Any Other Ways

  • Meaning: It means in different situations.
  • Example: You would not have it any other ways.

If Not

  • Meaning: It is used to say what the situation will be if something does not happen.
  • Example: She has to pass the exam, if not, she won’t win the prize.

Another Word for Otherwise | Infographics

otherwise synonyms

Otherwise Synonyms