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Over the Hill Meaning: What Does This Trendy Idiom Mean?

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Over the Hill meaning! Are you looking for the definition of the common idiom “over the hill”? In this lesson, we will examine not only the meaning of the phrase, but also some alternatives phrases if there are any that exist. You will also discover some examples of its use in sentences that showcase the idiom used correctly to help you further understand the meaning.

Over the Hill Meaning

Over the Hill

What Does Over the Hill Mean?

Over the hill is an idiom that describes someone too old, someone who is past his/her prime and no longer fit, attractive or good at doing things or capable of doing useful work.

Example Sentences

  • A mob came over the hill yelling and brandishing sticks.
  • Thomson is over the hill as a professional athlete.
  • They did their best to harl the cannon over the hill.
  •  I’m a little over the hill to be playing contact sports.
  • The new tax program is now over the hill.
  • Youngsters seem to think you’re over the hill at 40!
  • David has it that her husband has gone over the hill.
  • Sarah thinks she’s over the hill, but she’s only 33.
  • At eleven o’clock a group of children came over the hill.
  • The land over the hill was thickly wooded.
  • The guy was over the hill – he’d never catch him.
  • The car passed out of sight over the hill.
  • They lifted the canal over the hill, raising the water level by 80 feet.
  • I can’t see over the hill to Westlands.
  • Mark has gone over the hill in search of nirvana.
  • Anna was very ill for two weeks but she is over the hill now.
  • He doesn’t take kindly to suggestions that he is over the hill.
  • Tom said vandals had cut through another part of the fence just over the hill.

Alternative Phrases for Over the Hill

  • Elderly
  • Ageless
  • Superannuated
  • Past one’s prime
  • Long in the tooth
  • Old as Methuselah
  • No spring chicken
  • Old chap
  • Getting on a bit
  • Gray-haired
  • Grand old age