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Parts of Glasses: List of Different Parts of A Glass with Their Useful Functions

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Different parts of glasses!  Eyeglasses frames have several components and the names of the different frame parts are useful to learn. The following lesson will provide names of different parts of eyeglasses with their functions and ESL infographic.

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Parts of Glasses

Parts of Glasses

List of Parts of Glasses

  • Temples
  • Temple Tips
  • Hinges
  • Bridge
  • End pieces
  • Nose pad
  • Pad arms
  • Rims
  • Screws
  • Lenses
  • Frame front

Part of Glasses with Their Functions


  • Sustain the frame on the ears.

Temple Tips

  • The most common is the skull temple, with the long straight shaft that is bent with a 45 degree angle at the top of the ear near the end of the temple which is called the temple tip.


  • Connect the temples to the front of the eyeglasses frames, while allowing the temple to fold flat against the frame.


  • Rest on your nose and bears most of the weight of the glasses.

End pieces

  • Small parts of the front frame that extend outward from the lenses to connect the front frame to the hinges.

Nose pads

  • Maintain the frame in a right position on your nose.

Pad arms

  • Nose pads are attached to pad arms, which are welded to the frame front.


  • Part of the frames that surrounds and supports the lens.


  • Assemble together different parts of the frame using flexible or fixed components.


  • The clear or tinted material placed inside the frame you choose.
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Frame front

  • The frame front is composed of two eyepieces connected by the bridge, Some glasses frames have single bridge and some have two which generally called aviator frames.
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