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Phrasal Verbs with CHECK : Check Off, Check Out, Check In, Check By…

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Phrasal Verbs with CHECK in English! Learn check off, check out, check in, check by, check over, check into, check with, check bach…with ESL printable infographic.

When you add a preposition to a verb, you get a phrasal verb, which allows you to express much more than with just the verb itself. In this lesson, you will find the list of most common phrasal verbs with CHECK.

List of Phrasal Verbs with CHECK

  • Check into
  • Check off
  • Check out
  • Check over
  • Check with
  • Check-in
  • Check by
  • Check back

Phrasal Verbs with CHECK with Examples

Check into

  • Meaning: Enter a hospital etc…
  • Example: We need to check into the hotel at 11:00 AM.

Check off

  • Meaning: Make a mark next to
  • ExampleCheck each name off the list.

Check out

  • Meaning: Look at
  • ExampleCheck out that cute car!

Check over

  • Meaning: Closely examine the condition of something
  • Example: She checked over the old house to see if it was worth buying.

Check with

  • Meaning: Ask a person for confirmation
  • Example: She needs to check with her parents before she goes.


  • Meaning: Arrive and register at the hotel or airport
  • Example: They will get the hotel keys when we check in.

Check by

  • Meaning: Go to a place to see if everything Ok
  • Example: We need to check by the Office to see if the documents are ready.

Check back

  • Meaning: Return to see if everything is Ok
  • Example: They will check back next week to make sure the report.

Phrasal Verbs with CHECK | Infographic

Phrasal Verbs with CHECK