7 Important Phrasal Verbs with READ: Read over, Read off, Read back…

Phrasal Verbs with READ! Learn read over meaning, read off meaning, read back meaning, read over meaning, read for meaning, read up on meaning…The list below provides commonly used phrasal verbs of the word READ in English with ESL printable worksheet.

Learn more about a list of important phrasal verbs in English.

Phrasal Verbs with READ in English

List of Phrasal Verbs with Read

  • Read over
  • Read off
  • Read back
  • Read over
  • Read off
  • Read for
  • Read up on

READ Phrasal Verbs with Examples

List of READ Phrasal Verbs with Meaning and Example:

Read over

  • Read through or practice something quickly
  • Example: He ran over his notes before going home.

Read off

  • Read aloud from a list
  • Example: I read the number of cargo.

Read back

  • Read some information back
  • Example: Could you read back my son’s letter to me?

Read over

  • Read something quickly from the beginning to the end
  • Example: Hirers should read over the contract before signing it.

Read off

  • Read some information that is printed or displayed on something
  • Example: The nurse read off patient’s temperature from the thermometer.

Read for

  • To study for something
  • Example: They are in the library reading for their exams next week.

Read up on

  • To spend time reading in order to find out information about something
  • Example: She has been reading up on the World War 2.

Phrasal Verbs with READ | Infographic

Phrasal Verbs with READ

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