Popular Prepositional Phrases in English – IN, ON, AT, BY, OUT

Prepositional Phrases Examples! In this lesson, you will learn a list of prepositional phrases in English: prepositions with IN, prepositions with ON, prepositions with AT, prepositions with BY, prepositions with OUT.

Popular Prepositional Phrases

Here is the list of prepositional phrases examples:


  • in time
  • in demand
  • in of focus
  • in an uproar
  • in answer to
  • in anticipation of
  • in arrears
  • in danger
  • in debt
  • in decline
  • in defense of
  • in detail
  • in disgrace
  • in disguise
  • in fact
  • in fairness to
  • in favor of
  • in fear of
  • in flames
  • in flower
  • in full
  • in future
  • in gear
  • in general
  • in good condition
  • in good faith
  • in hand
  • in harmony (with)
  • in haste
  • in hiding
  • in high spirits
  • in honor of
  • in horror
  • in ink


  • on watch
  • on schedule
  • on the record
  • on the road
  • on oath
  • on pain of
  • on the air
  • on balance
  • on a diet
  • on a journey
  • on a trip
  • on a large scale
  • on a small scale
  • on a pension
  • on a regular basis
  • on a spree
  • on account of
  • on an expedition
  • on an island
  • on approval
  • on average
  • on bail
  • on behalf of
  • on board
  • on business
  • on order
  • on remand
  • on show
  • on strike
  • on suspicion of
  • on the agenda
  • on the brink of
  • on the dot
  • on the edge of


  • at high speed
  • at risk
  • at one’s side
  • at a fraction of
  • at the outset
  • at the end
  • at sight
  • at the double
  • at one time
  • at a discount
  • at a distance
  • at a glance
  • at a guess
  • at a loose and
  • at a loss
  • at a low ebb
  • at a price
  • at a rate of
  • at a speed of
  • at a standstill
  • at all costs
  • at all events
  • at issue
  • at large
  • at least
  • at length
  • at liberty
  • at most
  • at night
  • at noon
  • at one’s leisure
  • at one’s request
  • at peace
  • at war


  • by chance
  • by the name of
  • by luck
  • by accident
  • by air
  • by sea
  • by land
  • by all accounts
  • by all means
  • by any standard
  • by appointment
  • by birth
  • by check
  • by coincidence
  • by courtesy of
  • by definition
  • by degrees
  • by design
  • by dint of
  • by far
  • by force
  • by hand
  • by heart
  • by law
  • by marriage
  • by means of
  • by mistake
  • by my watch
  • by nature
  • by no means
  • by request
  • by rights
  • by sight


  • out of fashion
  • out of print
  • out of step
  • out of breath
  • out of context
  • out of control
  • out of curiosity
  • out of jealousy
  • out of date
  • out of doors
  • out of duty
  • out of hand
  • out of ideas
  • out of one’s mind
  • out of order
  • out of pity
  • out of place
  • out of practice
  • out of reach
  • out of respect for
  • out of sight
  • out of spite
  • out of stock
  • out of the ordinary
  • out of the question
  • out of work

List of Prepositional Phrase | Infographic

Useful Prepositional Phrase Examples in English

Prepositional Phrases

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