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Prepositions | List of 50+ Popular Prepositions of Place – AT IN ON

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Prepositions in English! List of Prepositions of Place AT – ON – IN. The prepositions at in and on can be confusing sometimes. The following is an explanation of how to use these prepositions.

Prepositions of Place

Prepositions of Place: At

At” is used to locate something at a certain point:

Here is the useful list of prepositions of Place: In

  • At the bus station
  • At the entrance
  • At the crossroads
  • At the junction
  • At the top of the mountain
  • At John’s house
  • At college
  • At home
  • At reception
  • At school
  • At the bottom
  • At the cinema
  • At the corner
  • At the crossroads
  • At the desk
  • At the dinner
  • At the door
  • At the end of the lane
  • At the end of the road
  • At the entrance


  • We were waiting at the bus stop when it started to rain.
  • He was at the entrance of the theater when he heard the noise.
  • We’ll meet you at the entrance.
  • She’s sitting at the table in the corner.
  • She was standing at the top of the stairs.
  • I enjoyed my three years at university.
  • There’s someone at the door
  • The two vans collided at the crossroads.

Prepositions of Place: In

In” is used to locate something enclosed in a space:

Here is the common list of prepositions of Place: In

  • In a box
  • In a car
  • In a building
  • In my pocket
  • In my bag
  • In New York
  • In Spain
  • In a car
  • In my pocket
  • In the room
  • In Oxford Street
  • In the book
  • In a building
  • In the park
  • In a lift
  • In the swimming pool
  • In the magazine
  • In the tower


  • They found a lot of money in his pocket.
  • I ‘ve lived in London for two years.
  • They live in a charming old house.
  • I’ve got a pain in my back.
  • My daughter’s in hospital having her tonsils out.
  • I go to the cheapest hairdresser’s in town.
  • They threw him in the swimming pool.
  • Come on, we’re late – get in the car.
  • How much is that coat on display in the window.

Prepositions of Place: On

On” is used to indicate position above and in contact with the surface of something:

Here is the important list of prepositions of Place: On

  • On the wall
  • On the door
  • On the table
  • On the ceiling
  • On the carpet
  • On the page
  • On the cover
  • On the left
  • On the rug
  • On an elephant
  • On the table
  • On the bus
  • On the carpet
  • On a plane
  • On television
  • On the way
  • On the radio
  • On a bicycle


  • The picture on the wall is fantastic.
  • You’ll find more information about the camp on this page.
  • Look at all the books on your desk!
  • Your dinner is on the table.
  • Can you stand on your head?
  • Your suitcase is on top of the wardrobe.
  • They live in that old house on the hill.
  • They’ve built a new church on the site of the old one.

Prepositions of Place | Infographic



Wednesday 20th of October 2021

As an English teacher to foreign students, I would also like to say that "on" is also used for the location of anything electronic. On the radio, On TV, On the website, On YouTube, On TikTok, On the news, On my phone, On the computer, On the tablet.