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Rock The Boat: Definition, Origin & Interesting Image

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Rock the Boat! Let’s find out what does “rock the boat” mean with origin, useful examples and ESL infographic in this lesson. Idiom is a group of words established by usage as having a meaning not deducible from those of the individual words

Rock The Boat

Rock The Boat

Rock The Boat Definition

When you say that someone is rocking the boat, you mean that they are doing something to disturb the harmony or they upsetting a calm situation and making trouble. It is often expressed in the negative as a warning, don’t rock the boat.

Origin of Rock The Boat

The origin of the idiom rock the boat is attributed to William Jennings Bryan, a politician and talented public orator.

Example Sentences of Rock The Boat

  • I said I didn’t want to rock the boat in any way.
  • They seldom rock the boat or annoy the mayor or board of aldermen with unusual budget requests.
  • Custom, practice and a tacit agreement not to rock the boat did the rest.
  • Things are progressing well don’t rock the boat.
  • Don’t rock the boat until the negotiations are finished, okay!
  • They do not want to rock the boat when things are unstable.
  • We have a pretty good life here. Why rock the boat?
  • An easygoing manager, he won’t rock the boat unless it’s absolutely necessary.
  • Politicians don’t like to rock the boat around election time.
  • They don’t like people who rock the boat, and I could be seen as a loose cannon to some, because I’m questioning a lot of things.
  • As long as you don’t rock the boat, nobody cares what you do.
  • Who the hell would want to rock the boat on a deal like that!
  • There is no need to rock the boat, this situation is already too messy.
  • Rock the boat the radio, don’t ya ‘know, I miss it all right now.
  • I try to walk soft and not rock the boat.
  • Dan saw that criticism as coming from a typical Washington careerist being afraid to rock the boat.
  • She was told to keep her mouth shut and not rock the boat.
  • He kept his feelings to himself, not wanting to rock the boat.
  • Sixty percent of professors are moral cowards unwilling to rock the boat and therefore willing to tolerate the others.
  • Things are progressing well don’t rock the boat.
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Other Ways to Say “Rock the Boat”

  • Cause trouble
  • Challenge the status quo
  • Disturb the balance
  • Disturb the harmony
  • Stir things up
  • Make a stink
  • Make waves
  • Make trouble
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