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Safe and Sound: Definition, Useful Examples and Synonyms List

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Safe and Sound in English! Learn what does the idiom “safe and sound” mean, how to use it in English with useful examples and ESL printable infographic.

Safe and Sound Meaning

Safe and Sound

What Does “Safe and Sound” Mean?

The idiom “safe and sound” means that you are completely healthy, not hurt or damaged from a dangerous situation without any problem.

Example Sentences

  • The missing children were found safe and sound.
  • He telegraphed that he had arrived in London safe and sound.
  • The rescuers brought the climbers back safe and sound.
  • They have got home safe and sound.
  • I am relieved to see you back safe and sound.
  • The house remained safe and sound after the earthquake.
  • I can’t relax until I know you have arrived safe and sound.
  • They were indeed what they could only have been-the two scouting vessels which had returned, safe and sound.
  • Unlike the characters in the two previous novels, the protagonist emerges safe and sound from her semiotic entanglements.
  • Four days later, the hikers were found safe and sound.
  • Two guys were stalking me, but now I’m safe and sound.
  • We reached home safe and sound.
  • You arrive safe and sound, then nothing has harmed you on your way.

 Synonyms for “Safe and Sound”

Here is the useful list of synonyms for the expression “safe and sound” in English with example sentences:

Alive and well

  • I was glad to hear you’re alive and well.


  • They were freed yesterday by their kidnappers unharmed.

All in one piece

  • I was extremely relieved when my son came back from the war zone all in one piece.


  • It’s a marvel that he escaped unhurt.

Safe from danger

  • The children are safe from danger in the garden.
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  • I don’t feel secure when I am alone in the house.

Out of danger

  • Doctors said she is now out of danger.

Out of harm’s way

  • I’ll put this glass vase out of harm’s way, so that it doesn’t get broken.


  • Parents may seem invulnerable to their children.
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