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School Idioms | 10 Useful Idioms Relating to School for ESL Learners

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School Idioms! Learn bookworm, brainstorm something, skip class, teacher’s pet, as easy as ABC… This lesson will provide a list of common school idiom in English with meaning and examples with ESL printable infographic. 

Common School Idioms


  • Someone who reads a lot

Brainstorm something

  • To think of new ideas

Skip class

  • To not go to school when you should

Teacher’s pet

  • The teacher’s favorite student

As easy as ABC

  • Very easy

Cover a lot of ground

  • Complete a lot of material in a class

Eager beaver

  • Someone who works hard and is very enthusiastic


  • Someone who copies the work of another person


  • To stop attending school

Pass with flying colors

  • To experience particular trouble or difficulty

School Idiom | Infographic

School Idioms