Small Synonym: List of 35 Helpful Synonyms for SMALL with Example Sentences

Small Synonym! Learn the list of 35 important synonyms with example sentences and ESL pictures in the following lesson.

Small Meaning:

Little in size or amount when compared with what is typical or average.

For example:

  • There is a small choice in rotten apples.
  •  The great fish ear up the small.
  • small leak will sink a great ship.
  • She cut the meat into small pieces.

List of Small Synonym

Here is the list of 35 synonyms for small with example sentences in English:

Other Ways to Say SMALLExamples
MiniatureIt looks like a miniature version of James Bond’s car.
Small-scaleIt was an intimate small-scale non-threatening environment.
RuntyShe saved a runty pig and named him Wilbur.
TinyWe noticed tiny bugs that were all over the walls.
DiminutiveShe has diminutive hands for an adult.
ShrimpAtanas ordered a shrimp cocktail and a salad.
PunyMy car only has a puny little engine.
ExiguousI got a teaching job at an exiguous rate of pay.
DinkyShe’s got dinky little feet.
LittleA little knowledge is a dangerous thing.
LimitedThis offer is available for a limited period only.
Itsy-bitsyShe has these itsy-bitsy little hands and feet.
MicroscopicIt’ s impossible to read his microscopic handwriting.
SlightI had a slight accident at home and broke some crockery.
PetiteDress sizes range from petite to extra large.
MinorIt’s only a minor problem.
Short (small in length, distance, or height)I’m fairly short but my brother’s very tall.
Wee (Scottish English)I’ll have a wee drop of cream in my coffee.
InsignificantHis influence is insignificant.
Teeny (informal)I was just a teeny bit disappointed.
UndersizedAt school, I was fairly skinny and undersized.
Weeny (UK)She is teenny-weeny. She is so cute.
SkimpyThey provided only skimpy details.
MinusculeThe chances of getting the disease are minuscule.
NarrowThey rode along narrow country lanes.
ScantyThere is only scanty evidence of his involvement.
ModestJust a modest portion for me, please.
Midget (a very small person)Their second son is a midget.
MeagerHis meager wage is not enough to support their five children.
Slender (small in amount or degree)She’s got a beautiful slender figure.
Pint-sized (of a person)Don’t worry about him, he’s just a pint-sized nobody.
SubatomicIt investigates phenomena which range in size from subatomic particles to the universe itself.
Half-sizeTry to find a shop that sells half-sizes and, even better, different widths to ensure a good fit.
Pocket-sizeTheir pocket-size farm had been plagued with insect infestations.
InfinitesimalNewton says he has abandoned the infinitesimal or infinitely small quantity.

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Small Synonym

Small Synonym: List of 35 Helpful Synonyms for SMALL with Example Sentences 1

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