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Snake In The Grass: Definition, Useful Examples & Synonyms List

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Snake In The Grass meaning! The following lesson provides the definition, example sentences and list of synonyms for the idiom “snake in the grass” with ESL printable infographic.

Snake In The Grass Meaning

Snake in The Grass

What Does Snake in The Grass Mean?

Snake in the grass is a common idiom that indicates someone who always pretends to be your friend while actually is an unethical person even though you have trusted them. We can call them as a deceitful, treacherous person.

Example Sentences

  • That snake in the grass reported me to the boss.
  • You’re such a snake in the grass, boy.
  • Take head of the snake in the grass.
  • Being a snake in the grass, Mr. Smith has drifted apart from his friends.
  • I thought he was a snake in the grass.
  • Be careful! There might a snake in the grass.
  • She thought he was a snake in the grass.
  • He’s a snake in the grass. While pretending to be your friend he was slandering you behind your back.
  • He did! What a snake in the grass!
  • He is a snake in the grass because he sold his best friend down the river.
  • snake in the grass.
  • They may be wise as an owl, slippery as an eel or even a snake in the grass.
  • Don’t trust him, he looks honest but he’s a snake in the grass.

Snake in The Grass Synonyms

  • Mad as a cut snake
  • Snake oil
  • Snake oil salesperson
  • Lower than a snake’s belly
  • Lower than a snake’s belly in a wagon rut
  • Cuckoo in the nest

Tankaraj Dulal

Monday 15th of February 2021