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Sports Idioms | Top 10 Most Popular Sports Idioms in English

Sports Idioms | Top 10 Most Popular Sports Idioms in English

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Sports Idioms! Here are 10 common idioms and phrases about sports in English that will enrich your English vocabulary and make you sound like a native speaker in no time.

Learn more about the list of sports balls with ESL pictures. 

Sports Idioms in English

List of Idioms about Sports

  • Get the Ball Rolling
  • Against The Run Of Play
  • Ballpark figure
  • Throw in the Towel
  • Take the Gloves Off
  • Play ball
  • Hit the Ground Running
  • Heavy Hitter
  • Come Out Swinging
  • Ball’s in Your Court

Sports Idioms with Meaning

Get the Ball Rolling

  • Do something to begin a process

Against The Run Of Play

  • Atypical of the way a game has been going

Ballpark figure

  • A rough estimate

Throw in the Towel

  • To give up, admit defeat

Take the Gloves Off

  • Negotiate in a more aggressive way

Play ball

  • Cooperate, agree to participate

Hit the Ground Running

  • To begin a job or project with no learning period needed

Heavy Hitter

  • A powerful, influential person

Come Out Swinging

Ball’s in Your Court

  • It’s your turn to make an offer or decision

Idioms Related to Sports | Infographic

Sports Idioms