List of Suffix: 50+ Most Common Suffixes with Meaning and Examples

suffix is a group of letters placed at the end of a word to make a new word. In this article, you will find a list of suffix with their meaning and examples in English.

Suffix List in English

Noun Suffixes

Learn a useful list of noun suffixes with their meaning and examples in English


  • Meaning: Condition, quality
  • Examples: dismissal, proposal, arrival, approval, denial, refusal


  • Meaning: action, state, condition or quality
  • Examples: acceptance, attendance, reference preference, insurance, existence


  • Meaning: the action or resulting state
  • Examples: declaration, celebration, information, immigration, education, elimination, combination


  • Meaning: state or being
  • Examples: revision, division, revision, profession, depression, confusion, tension, compulsion, confusion, decision, impression


  • Meaning: action or the resulting state
  • Examples: erasure, failure, pressure, legislature, departure, enclosure


  • Meaning: action, state, process
  • Examples: postage, package, baggage, marriage, breakage, passage


  • Meaning: action, state, process
  • Examples: landing, writing, ending, seating, blessing, feeding


  • Meaning: a business or trade, a behavior, a condition
  • Examples: bakery, creamery, machinery, slavery, brewery


  • Meaning: engaged in something, associated with something
  • Examples: volunteer, engineer, musketeer, auctioneer, racketeer, mountaineer, profiteer


  • Meaning: someone who performs an action
  • Examples: teacher, dancer, helper, farmer, lawyer, jeweler, preacher, prisoner, villager


  • Meaning: person who practices
  • Examples: cartoonist, columnist, bicyclist, physicist, violinist, terrorist


  • Meaning: the state or condition of
  • Examples: equality, abnormality, probability, civility, stupidity, curiosity, mobility, reality, tranquility, activity


  • Meaning: the action or result of
  • Examples: retirement, establishment, movement, abandonment


  • Meaning: a state or quality
  • Examples: awareness, kindness, darkness, fondness, happiness, kindness, truthfulness, quietness, sleepiness, usefulness


  • Meaning: a person who is something
  • Examples: translator, investigator, conductor, distributor


  • Meaning: position held
  • Examples: courtship, ownership, internship, worship. partnership, membership, friendship


  • Meaning: state or quality
  • Examples: labyrinth, warmth, death, strength, width, length, filth, birth, growth, depth


  • Meaning: condition
  • Examples: honesty, difficulty, safety, cruelty, subtlety, loyalty, modesty, certainty


  • Meaning: family terms
  • Examples: parenthood, motherhood, childhood

Adjective Suffixes

-able, -ible

  • Meaning: capable of being
  • Examples: adaptable, predictable, preventable, credible


  • Meaning: pertaining to
  • Examples: natural, criminal, theatrical, accidental, regional, brutal, personal, regional, universal, seasonal


  • Meaning: inclined to or tending to
  • Examples: reliant, defiant, vigilant, brilliant


  • Meaning: of or relating to
  • Examples: dietary, planetary, military, honorary, budgetary, complimentary, momentary, honorary, cautionary, customary


  • Meaning: full of or notable of
  • Examples: wonderful, fanciful, beautiful, skillful, successful, delightful, awful, grateful


  • Meaning: relating to
  • Examples: organic, heroic, poetic, iconic, athletic, basic, scientific, historic, rhythmic, photographic

-ious, -ous

  • Meaning: having qualities of
  • Examples: cautious, humorous, gracious, fabulous, dangerous, mysterious, nervous, victorious, poisonous, courteous


  • Meaning: quality or nature of
  • Examples: expensive, pensive, creative


  • Meaning: without something
  • Examples: faultless, fearless, restless, useless, friendless, homeless, worthless, penniless, hopeless, powerless


  • Meaning: made up of or characterized by
  • Examples: fruity, tasty, brainy, grouchy, rainy, funny, messy, dirty, spotty


  • Meaning: having the nature of
  • Examples: practical, logical, magical, statistical, alphabetical, historical


  • Meaning: origin, nature
  • Examples: sheepish, foolish, childish, selfish, girlish, pinkish


  • Meaning: like
  • Examples: childlike, birdlike, warlike, lifelike, ladylike

Verb Suffixes


  • Meaning: past-tense version of a verb
  • Examples: climbed, missed, laughed, called


  • Meaning: become
  • Examples: fasten, strengthen, soften, awaken, blacken, broaden, deafen, flatten, gladden, tighten, shorten, sweeten, lengthen, brighten, darken


  • Meaning: action or process, making an adjective comparative
  • Examples: longer, bigger, fuller, faster


  • Meaning: verb form/present participle of an action
  • Examples: swimming, laughing, writing, driving

-ize, -ise

  • Meaning: to cause or to become
  • Examples: specialize, authorize, commercialize, memorialize, apologize, characterize, digitalize, socialize, symbolize, stabilize, familiarize, advertise, colonize, civilize

-ify, -fy

  • Meaning: To make or produce
  • Examples: classify, codify, clarify, crucify, defy, falsify, intensify, modify, satisfy, simplify, unify, exemplify, identify, justify, notify, terrify


  • Meaning: To make
  • Examples: accommodate, activate, animate, captivate, considerate, consolidate, cooperate, decorate, allocate, concentrate

Adverb Suffixes


  • Meaning: in what manner something is being done
  • Examples: bravely, simply, honestly, gladly, lately, rightly, completely, really, definitely, maturely


  • Meaning: in a certain direction
  • Examples: backward, wayward, awkward, afterward


  • Meaning: in relation to
  • Examples: clockwise, edgewise, lengthwise, otherwise, crosswise, likewise

List of Suffixes | Infographic

suffix suffix suffix suffix


List of Suffix: 50+ Most Common Suffixes with Meaning and Examples 1

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I believe this way is well organised and can provide data on nouns and other derivatives. Suffixes in English are a copious source of huge amount of vocabulary and other idioms






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Nabatanzi Rashidah

Whats the I ,II III, Sr, Jr Suffix mean