Important Sweet Idioms with Meaning & Examples

Sweet Idioms in English! The following list provides common Idioms in English relating to Sweet that you should learn to broaden your vocabulary.

Sweet Idioms in English

A piece of cake

  • Meaning: Very easy.
  • Example: It’s a piece of cake.

Easy as pie

  • Meaning: Very easy.
  • Example: It was as easy as pie.

Giving candy to a baby

  • Meaning: Very easy, especially when you do something wrong.
  • Example: It was like giving candy to a baby. (Of course, the baby will accept it.)


  • Meaning: Really strange crazy, a kind of serious word.
  • Example: She’s a fruitcake.

Going bananas

  • Meaning: Becoming crazy, especially with too much to do.
  • Example: I’m going bananas.

Nut/ nutty

  • Meaning: Funny kind of crazy, usually makes you laugh.
  • Example: He’s a nut. or He’s nutty.

A tough cookie

  • Meaning: A tough or strong person, or doesn’t show his emotions easily.
  • Example: That man is a tough cookie.

Sugar and spice

  • Meaning: Very sweet, nice, or kind, feminine, (used for girls.)
  • Example: Her daughter is sugar and spice.

Sweets Phrases & Idioms in English | Infographic

Sweet Idioms

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