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Another Word for Cry: 40 Popular Synonyms for CRY with Examples

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Are you tired of always using the same old word “cry” to express your emotions? Sometimes, you just need a list of synonyms for cry. That’s where synonyms come in handy. Synonyms are words that have similar meanings to another word, and they can help you diversify your vocabulary and express yourself more effectively.

Here are some other ways to say “cry” that you can use to add variety to your writing or speech: weep, sob, wail, bawl, blubber, whimper, mourn, and lament. Each of these words has a slightly different connotation, so you can choose the one that best fits the situation you’re describing. For example, “weep” might be more appropriate for a sad movie scene, while “bawl” might be more fitting for a child throwing a tantrum.

synonyms for cry

Other Ways to Say “Cry”

Here are some synonyms for “cry” that you can use to express your emotions in a different way:

Synonym Example Sentence
Weep She wept uncontrollably when she heard the news.
Sob He sobbed into his pillow, trying to hide his tears.
Wail The mourners wailed in grief at the funeral.
Bawl The baby bawled loudly when she was hungry.
Blubber He blubbered like a baby when he got hurt.
Whimper She whimpered softly, afraid to speak up.
Mourn The family mourned their loss together.
Lament She lamented the fact that she couldn’t be there for her friend.

Remember, it’s okay to cry and express your emotions in a healthy way. Using different synonyms for “cry” can help you express your emotions more effectively and communicate with others in a more nuanced way.

Synonyms for Crying

When you are writing about crying, it can be helpful to have a variety of synonyms to choose from. This can help you avoid using the same word over and over again and can add depth and nuance to your writing. Here are some synonyms for crying that you can use in your writing.

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Verbal Expressions

When you want to describe someone crying, you can use a variety of verbal expressions. Here are some examples:

Synonym Example Sentence
Weeping You could hear her weeping softly in the other room.
Sobbing He was sobbing uncontrollably after the breakup.
Wailing The child was wailing loudly in the grocery store.
Bawling She was bawling her eyes out after hearing the news.
Howling The dog was howling at the moon.

Written Descriptions

When you are writing about crying, you can also use a variety of written descriptions to convey the emotion. Here are some examples:

  • Tears streaming down your face
  • Eyes brimming with tears
  • Choked with sobs
  • A quivering lip
  • A trembling chin

Remember that the best way to choose a synonym for crying is to think about the specific emotion you are trying to convey. Are you describing someone who is weeping softly or someone who is bawling their eyes out? The right synonym can help you paint a more vivid picture for your readers.

That’s it for this section on synonyms for crying. Try using some of these words and phrases in your next piece of writing to add depth and nuance to your descriptions of crying.

Crying in Different Contexts

Crying in Literature

In literature, crying is often used to convey a character’s emotional state or reaction to a situation. Instead of using the word “cry” repeatedly, authors often employ synonyms to add variety and depth to their writing. Some examples of synonyms for crying in literature include:

  • Weep
  • Sob
  • Wail
  • Lament
  • Bawl
  • Blubber
  • Whimper
  • Snivel

Crying in Everyday Conversations

In everyday conversations, crying can be a sensitive topic. When discussing crying, it’s important to be mindful of the context and the emotions involved. Here are some synonyms for crying that can be used in everyday conversations:

  • Tear up
  • Get emotional
  • Choke up
  • Break down
  • Get teary-eyed
  • Get weepy
  • Shed tears
  • Get misty-eyed
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Table of Example Sentences

Synonym Example Sentence
Weep She wept when she heard the news.
Sob He sobbed uncontrollably after the breakup.
Wail The mourners wailed at the funeral.
Lament She lamented the loss of her favorite necklace.
Bawl The baby bawled for hours.
Blubber He blubbered like a baby when he got his first haircut.
Whimper The dog whimpered when it saw its owner leave.
Snivel Don’t snivel, just tell me what’s wrong.
Tear up She started to tear up when she saw the old photo.
Get emotional He always gets emotional when he talks about his family.
Choke up She choked up when she tried to speak.
Break down He broke down and cried when he heard the news.
Get teary-eyed She got teary-eyed during the sad movie.
Get weepy He gets weepy when he’s had too much to drink.
Shed tears She shed tears of joy when she got the job offer.
Get misty-eyed He gets misty-eyed when he talks about his childhood.

List of 40 Synonyms for Cry

Cry Synonym List

Here is the list of Synonyms for the word CRY to increase your vocabulary:

  • howl
  • wail
  • scream
  • yell
  • weep
  • bawl
  • moan
  • shout
  • call
  • bellow
  • roar
  • holler
  • shriek
  • sob
  • yowl
  • yelp
  • groan
  • blubber
  • whoop
  • whimper
  • screech
  • squall
  • bark
  • whine
  • snivel
  • outcry
  • bewail
  • squawk
  • hoot
  • lament
  • grieve
  • bemoan
  • keen
  • clamor
  • bay
  • mourn
  • sigh
  • crow
  • grunt
  • mewl

Synonyms for Cry with Example Sentences


  • He that lives with wolves will learn to howl.


  • The women began to wail in mourning.


  • I felt an uncontrollable urge to scream.


  • This gave them a chance to yell.


  • She wanted to laugh and weep all at once.


  • She likes to bawl against people.


  • I used to moan if I didn’t get at least six hours’ sleep at night.


  • We had to shout above the noise of the traffic.


  • Do you have to bellow in my ear?


  • You needn’t roar at me.


  • I used to scream and holler.


  • The ladies shriek and swoon at his every word.
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  • The child started to sob when he couldn’t find his mother.


  • The dog began to yowl.


  • The dog yelp and run off.


  • Richard’s jokes make you groan rather than laugh.


  • She started to blubber like a child.


  • The child was lost and began to whimper.


  • The hungry kid began to squall.


  • Don’t let the dogs bark.


  • They come to me to whine about their troubles.


  • Billy started to snivel. His mother smacked his hand.


  • She bewailed her misfortune.


  • The parakeet began to squawk when I walked in.


  • I can be very rude to motorists who hoot at me.


  • The children lament the death of their mother.


  • Relatives need time to grieve over loved ones they have lost.


  • He was bemoaning the fact that lawyers charge so much.


  • Few will mourn his passing.


  • The black crow perched on the telephone pole.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some alternative words for shedding tears?

If you’re looking for alternative words for shedding tears, you can use words like weeping, sobbing, wailing, bawling, whimpering, and sniveling.

What is a synonym for weeping?

A synonym for weeping is crying. Other synonyms include sobbing, wailing, bawling, whimpering, and sniveling.

What are some antonyms of crying?

Antonyms of crying include laughing, giggling, chuckling, and smiling.

What are some slang words for crying?

Some slang words for crying include bawling, blubbering, weeping, and shedding tears.

What is another way to say sobbing?

Another way to say sobbing is weeping. Other synonyms include crying, wailing, bawling, whimpering, and sniveling.

What is the meaning of crying heavily?

Crying heavily means crying uncontrollably or shedding tears in large amounts. It can also mean crying with intense emotions such as sadness, grief, or pain.

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