Different Times of Day in English

Different Times of Day that we should know in English! Day has two meanings. First one is a period of 24 hours from twelve o’clock one night to twelve o’clock the next night. The second one is the time between sunrise and sunset.

If we use “day” with first meaning, “day” has 24 hours and there are different times in a day. Let see them:

Times of Day


“Midnight” means the middle of the night (Twelve o’clock at night ).


  • He still went home, notwithstanding the midnight.
  • It was going on midnight when we left the party.
  • By midnight, some strange sounds were heard.
  • I mainly go to bed around midnight.
  • They constantly discuss the same issue until after midnight.

Midday / Noon

“Midday” means the middle of the day, also called “NOON” ( Twelve o’clock at noon ).


  • We usually have a simple meal at midday.
  • The explosion occurred just after midday.
  • She’ll arrive in New York at noon.
  • He finally rolled out of bed at noon.
  • By midday, the boss has made many meetings.


“Morning” means the beginning of the day ( From dawn to midday or from midnight to noon)


  • The morning sun never lasts a day.
  • He’s got piles of work to do this morning.
  • It is a very beautiful morning.
  • I go to school in the mornings.
  • Do you have any plans for this morning?


“Afternoon” is the time which starts at twelve o’clock and ends when the sun goes down. ( From noon until evening and from 12:00 hours to approximately 18:00 hours.)


  • Do you have plans for this afternoon?
  • The rain continued to fall all afternoon.
  • The snowstorm will last till tomorrow afternoon.
  • It was a summer afternoon. The clear blue sky was dotted with fluttering larks.
  • I spent the afternoon snug and warm in bed.


“Evening” is the part of the day between the end of the afternoon and night. ( From sunset to bedtime and from approximately 18:00 hours to 00:00 hours).


  • In the evenings, I like to read a book.
  • The rain will continue into the evening.
  • I always enjoy my evening meal alone.
  • It was a very nice evening. Thank you for everything.
  • We spent a cozy evening chatting by the fire.


“Night” is the time when there is an actual darkness after sunset and before sunrise.


  • At night, all cats are grey.
  • An owl is the king of the night.
  • The meeting extended late into the night.
  • Last night they stayed at home and watched TV.
  • It will get worse at night.


“Dawn” is the time when light from the sun begins to appear in the sky before sunrise. This is the time when the sun rises or comes up (sunrise).


  • He always got up to greet the dawn.
  • He works from dawn till dusk.
  • We got the order to saddle up just after dawn.
  • The weather generally gets cold toward dawn.
  • They should come before dawn.

Dusk / Twilight

“Dusk / Twilight” is the time when there is a partial darkness between day and night. It means it is just before it becomes completely dark in the evening.


  • She was invisible in the dusk of the room.
  • Dusk was falling as we drove home.
  • At dusk, more fish come into the shallows.
  • The sky and the sun appear red at dusk.
  • Dusk is falling over the sea.

Sunrise / Sunup ( in U.S )

“Sunrise” is the time in the morning when the sun starts to rise in the sky.


  • They went out at sunrise to go bird-watching.
  • We got up early to behold the sunrise.
  • At sunrise, the sun looks like a cake.
  • The rain began before sunrise.
  • Get up at sunrise and sleep early.


“Sunset” is the time in the evening when the sun disappears.


  • At sunset, the sun looks as if it is going down.
  • The fishermen set out at sunset for a night’s fishing.
  • Every evening at sunset the flag was lowered.
  • They’ll work on till sunset.
  • There are sunset and sunrise every day.


“Daylight” is the light of day.


  • We’ll keep on driving while there’s still daylight.
  • The flowers look very beautiful in daylight.
  • The colors look different when viewed in daylight.
  • I like reading by daylight.
  •  I prefer to work in natural daylight.

Times of Day | Chart

Times of Day

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