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10 Types of Nouns That You Use All The Time

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Types of Nouns in English! Learn different types of nouns with definition and examples with ESL pictures.

Different Types of Nouns

Common Noun

Nonspecific people, places, things or ideas

Example: Table, book, window, friends etc…

Proper Noun

Specific people, places, things…

Example: John, Anna, London, Pacific Ocean etc…

Abstract Noun

Something that you can not perceive with your five senses

Example: Freedom, love, courage etc…

Concrete Noun

Something that you can perceive with your five senses

Example: Apple, dog, house flower etc…

Countable Noun

Can be counted

Example: Pen/pens, orange/oranges, bike, house etc…

Uncountable Noun

Uncountable Noun: Cannot be counted

Example: Bread, money, milk, food, water, snow, rice etc…

Compound Noun

Made up of two or more smaller words

Example: Sister-in-law, schoolboy, fruit juice, textbook etc…

Collective Noun

Refer to a group of things as one whole

Example: Bunch, audience, flock, group, family etc…

Singular Noun

Refer to one person, place things, or idea

Example: Cat, dog, ship, monkey, hero etc…

Plural Noun

Refer to more than one person, place things, or idea

Example: Dogs, cats, ships, babies etc..

Types of Nouns Chart

Types of Nouns

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