Types of Vehicles: List 30+ Vehicle Names with Examples and ESL Images

Types of Vehicles in English! Learn over 30 words related to names of transportation (vehicle names) in English with useful example sentences and ESL printable infographics.

Types of Vehicles

Here is the list of different modes of transportation to help you improve your English vocabulary:

  • Aerial tramway
  • Airplane/Aircraft
  • Ambulance
  • Baby carriage (US)/ Pram (UK)
  • Hot-air balloon
  • Bulldozer
  • Bicycle
  • Boat
  • Bus
  • Carriage
  • Cement mixer
  • Crane
  • Camper van
  • Caravan
  • Dump truck
  • Delivery van
  • Fire engine
  • Forklift
  • Helicopter
  • Motorcycle
  • Mountain bike
  • Moped
  • Police car
  • Rowboat
  • Scooter
  • Skateboard
  • Subway
  • Taxi/cab
  • Tractor
  • Train
  • Truck
  • Tram (UK)/ Streetcar (US)
  • Van

Types of Transport with Example Sentences

  • The Sky Ride, an aerial tramway suspended across two towers, quickly became the fair’s most prominent attraction.
  • The airplane cracked up in landing.
  • The ambulance arrived within minutes of the call being made.
  • Now she is walking toward him, half a block away, pushing a baby carriage.
  • I want to hop the Atlantic by a hot-air balloon.
  • They needed a bulldozer to dislodge the rock.
  • My bicycle had a puncture and needed patching up.
  • They pushed the boat down to the water on rollers.
  • The carriage left a trail of dust.
  • cement mixer agitates the cement until it is ready to pour.
  • The crane lifted the container off the ship.
  • We bought a camper van so we could go away whenever the fancy took us.
  • The caravan is equipped with a sink and a flush toilet.
  • dump truck full of dirt will go with the cement truck.
  • A smaller delivery van from a wholesaler was just moving into her unloading yard.
  • The firemen reeled out the hoses from their fire engine.
  • The forklift drivers must conduct pre-shift inspection to the forklift.
  • Survivors of the crash were rescued by helicopter.
  • He wheeled his motorcycle into the street.
  • That mountain bike was refitted to become a moped.
  • The police car was going so fast, it must have been chasing someone.
  • Riding a motorcycle is safer than riding a scooter.
  • The express train does not stop at this station.

Modes of Transportation | Infographic

types of vehicles

types of vehicles

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