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Verbs and Prepositions: A Huge List of 145 Verb Preposition Combination

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Below is the list of most commonly used verbs and prepositions TO, FOR, FROM, OF, ABOUT, WITH, IN, ON in English that you should learn to use them correctly with ESL printable infographic.

Verbs and Prepositions List

Verbs and Prepositions

Verbs with Preposition: TO

Here is the list of verbs and preposition combination with “To”:

Verbs Prepositions Example Sentences
add to Please add sugar to the cake batter.
allow to My parents allowed me to stay up late.
attend to The doctor will attend to your needs shortly.
belong to This book belongs to my friend.
consent to She gave her consent to the proposal.
connect to I need to connect my phone to the wifi.
convert to The company plans to convert to renewable energy.
dedicate to He dedicated his life to helping others.
listen to Please listen to what I have to say.
refer to Can you refer me to a good restaurant in town?
talk to I need to talk to my boss about my schedule.
yield to He yielded to the traffic and let the other car go first.
apply to This rule only applies to employees.
complain to If you have any issues, please complain to the manager.
contribute to She contributed to the charity event.
happen to What happened to your phone?
respond to He didn’t respond to my text message.
invite to They invited me to their party.
object to I object to the new policy.
subscribe to I subscribe to a monthly magazine.
travel to I want to travel to Japan someday.

List of Verbs with Preposition: FOR

Here is the list of verb and preposition combination with “For”:

Verbs Prepositions Example Sentences
apologize for He apologized for his mistake.
arrest for The police arrested him for theft.
ask for Can you ask the waiter for more water?
call for The teacher called for a break.
check for I need to check for any spelling errors.
fear for I fear for my safety in this neighborhood.
fine for He was fined for speeding.
forgive for She forgave him for his mistake.
hope for I hope for a better future.
prepare for We need to prepare for the upcoming exam.
thank for I want to thank you for your help.
wait for I’ll wait for you at the entrance.
admire for I admire her for her hard work.
excuse for Can you excuse me for a moment?
pay for I’ll pay for dinner tonight.
pray for They prayed for good weather on their trip.
search for I need to search for my keys.
scold for She scolded him for not doing his homework.
vote for I plan to vote for the candidate who supports education.
wish for I wish for a peaceful world.
work for I work for a software company.
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List of Verbs with Preposition: FROM

Here is the list of verb and preposition combination with “From”:

Verbs Prepositions Example Sentences
abstain from I decided to abstain from drinking alcohol.
borrow from Can I borrow some money from you?
choose from You can choose from any of the available options.
carve from The sculpture was carved from a single block of wood.
come from She comes from a small town in the countryside.
derive from The word “algorithm” derives from the name of a Persian mathematician.
emerge from The butterfly emerged from its cocoon.
expect from I expect good behavior from my students.
hinder from The rain hindered us from going outside.
forbid from My parents forbade me from watching TV during the week.
prevent from Wearing a seatbelt can prevent injuries from a car accident.
suffer from He suffers from allergies in the spring.
recover from It took her a few weeks to recover from the flu.
escape from The prisoner managed to escape from prison.
graduate from She graduated from college with honors.
hide from The cat likes to hide from visitors.
prohibit from The sign prohibits parking in this area.
protect from Sunscreen can protect your skin from harmful UV rays.
retire from He retired from his job after 30 years of service.
rescue from The firefighters rescued the family from the burning building.
save from The doctor was able to save the patient from a heart attack.
separate from The twins were separated from each other at birth.
resign from She decided to resign from her position as CEO.

List of Verbs with Preposition: ABOUT

Here is the list of verb and preposition combination with “about”:

Verbs Prepositions Example Sentences
argue about They were arguing about politics.
ask about Can you ask the teacher about the homework assignment?
boast about He likes to boast about his accomplishments.
care about She cares about the environment and tries to reduce her carbon footprint.
complain about He’s always complaining about his job.
concern about I have some concerns about the safety of this neighborhood.
dream about She dreams about traveling the world.
feel about How do you feel about the new restaurant in town?
forget about Don’t forget about our meeting tomorrow.
hear about I heard about the new movie from a friend.
joke about They were joking about their embarrassing moments.
know about Do you know about the history of this building?
laugh about They were laughing about the funny video they saw online.
quarrel about They were quarreling about who should do the dishes.
talk about Let’s talk about our plans for the weekend.
tell about Can you tell me about your trip to Europe?
think about I need to think about my next move.
warn about The weather forecast warned about a storm coming.
worry about She’s been worrying about her job security.
write about He likes to write about his travels in his blog.
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List of Verbs with Preposition: OF

Here is the list of verb and preposition combination with “Of”:

Verbs Prepositions Example Sentences
accuse of He was accused of stealing the money.
approve of I approve of your decision to go back to school.
aware of Are you aware of the new policies at work?
bilk out of He bilked her out of her life savings.
composed of The painting is composed of different colors and shapes.
conceive of She conceived of a new way to solve the problem.
consist of The team consists of five members.
convict of He was convicted of the crime and sent to jail.
convince of She convinced me of the benefits of yoga.
cure of The medicine cured him of his illness.
deprived of The children were deprived of food and water.
despair of Don’t despair of your dreams, keep working towards them.
devoid of The room was devoid of any furniture.
disapprove of My parents disapprove of my decision to drop out of college.
dream of She dreams of becoming a famous singer.
fond of He’s fond of playing video games in his free time.
get rid of I need to get rid of these old clothes.
get tired of I’m getting tired of eating the same thing every day.
hear of Have you heard of the new restaurant in town?
hope of We’re hoping of a successful outcome to the negotiations.
irrespective of The policy applies to everyone, irrespective of their age.
remind of The smell of coffee reminds me of my grandmother’s house.
rob of The thief robbed him of his wallet and phone.
short of We’re short of staff, can you come in and help out?
suspect of He’s a suspect of the robbery.
think of What do you think of the new book?

List of Verbs with Preposition: With

Here is the list of verb and preposition combination with “With”:

Verbs Prepositions Example Sentences
agree with I agree with your assessment of the situation.
argue with He’s always arguing with his coworkers.
begin with Let’s begin with the basics.
collide with The two cars collided with each other.
complain with She complained with the manager about the poor service.
concern with The report is concerned with the impact of climate change.
confuse with I always confuse his name with his brother’s.
cope with She’s been struggling to cope with the loss of her job.
cover with The table was covered with a white tablecloth.
charge with He was charged with assault.
charge with Can you charge my phone with your charger?
disagree with I disagree with your opinion on this matter.
discuss with We need to discuss the budget with the finance department.
face with She was faced with a difficult decision.
fight with He got into a fight with his neighbor over a parking spot.
help with Can you help me with these boxes?
interfere with The noise is interfering with my concentration.
meet with We’re going to meet with the client later today.
present with He was presented with an award for his achievements.
provide with The hotel provides guests with complimentary breakfast.
quarrel with They were quarreling with each other over a misunderstanding.
share with Can you share your notes with me?
trust with I trust you with my deepest secrets.
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List of Verbs with Preposition: ON

Here is the list of verb and preposition combination with “On”:

Verbs Prepositions Example Sentences
agree on We need to agree on a date for the meeting.
comment on Can you comment on this article I wrote?
concentrate on I need to concentrate on studying for my exam.
depend on Our plans depend on the weather.
congratulate on I want to congratulate you on your new job.
decide on We need to decide on a new color for the living room.
rely on I rely on public transportation to get to work.

List of Verbs with Preposition: IN

Here is the list of verbs and prepositions combination with “In”:

Verbs Prepositions Example Sentences
believe in I believe in the power of positive thinking.
participate in Are you going to participate in the charity walk this weekend?
succeed in She worked hard and finally succeeded in getting her dream job.
arrive in We arrived in New York City yesterday.
specialize in The restaurant specializes in Italian cuisine.
fill in Can you fill in for me while I’m on vacation?

Practice Exercises

As we have learned, using the correct preposition with verbs is crucial to communicating effectively in English. To help you master this skill, we have provided some practice exercises with answers.

Exercises on Verb-Preposition Combinations

In this exercise, we will provide you with a verb and ask you to choose the correct preposition to complete the sentence. Here are some examples:

1. She is afraid ___ spiders.

  • a) of
  • b) with
  • c) for
  • d) to

Answer: a) of

2. I am interested ___ learning Spanish.

  • a) in
  • b) on
  • c) at
  • d) for

Answer: a) in

3. He is good ___ math.

  • a) at
  • b) on
  • c) in
  • d) with

Answer: a) at

Sentence Construction Exercises

In this exercise, we will provide you with a sentence and ask you to choose the correct preposition to complete it. Here are some examples:

1. She is looking forward ___ the weekend.

  • a) to
  • b) at
  • c) in
  • d) for

Answer: a) to

2. We are proud ___ our son’s achievements.

  • a) of
  • b) with
  • c) for
  • d) to

Answer: a) of

3. He is angry ___ his brother for breaking his toy.

  • a) at
  • b) on
  • c) in
  • d) with

Answer: a) at

By practicing these exercises, you will improve your ability to use prepositions correctly with verbs. Keep practicing, and you will soon be able to communicate more effectively in English.


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