List of Spelling Words with Silent Letters in English

A Full List of Silent Letters from A to Z! A silent letter is a letter that appears in a particular word but not pronounced such as the ‘b’ in ‘douBt’/daʊt /.

There are a lot of silent letters in English, and they create problems for both native and non-native speakers of English because they make it more difficult to guess the spelling of many spoken words or the pronunciation of many written words.

Silent Letters from A-Z

Here is the list of Silent Letters in English:

Silent Aartistically, logically,  musically, romantically, stoically

Silent B – aplomb, bomb, climb, comb, coulomb, crumb, debt, doubt, dumb, jamb, lamb, limb, numb, plumb, subtle, succumb, thumb, tomb, womb

Silent C – abscess, abscend, ascent, conscience, conscious, crescent, descend, descent, disciple, evanesce, fascinate, fluorescent, muscle, obscene, resuscitate, scenario, science, scene, scissors

Silent D – bridge, edge, handkerchief, handsome, handful, grandson, ledger, sandwich, Wednesday

Silent E – plaque, vegetable, bridge, clothes, hate, name, like, breathe

Silent G – align, assign, benign, champagne, cologne, consign, design, feign, foreign, gnarly, gnash, gnat, gnaw, gnome, gnomic, high, light, reign, resign, sign

Silent H – anchor, archeology, architect, archives, chaos, character, characteristic, charisma, chemical, choreograph, chorus, Christian, Christmas, echo, hour, ghost, when, where, whether, which, while, white, why

Silent Kknack, knave, knead, knee, kneel, kneel, knew, knickers, knife, knight, knit, knob, knock, knoll, knot, know, knowledge, knuckle

Silent L – would, should, calf, half, salmon, talk, yolk

Silent Ppsychology, pneumonia, pseudo, psychiatrist, psychiatry, psychotherapy, psychotic, receipt, corps, coup, cupboard, psalm, raspberry

Silent S – aisle, island, debris, isle, patios, viscount

Silent T – apostle, bristle, bustle, castle, fasten, glisten, hustle, listen, moisten, often

Silent N – autumn, column, condemn, damn, hymn, solemn, chimney, government

Silent U – baguette, biscuit, build, circuit, disguise, guess, guest, guide, guild, guilt, guise, guitar, rogue, silhouette

Silent W – awry, playwright, sword, wrack, wrangle, wrap, wrapper, wrath, wreak, wreath, wreck, wrestle, wriggle, wring, wrinkle, wrist, writ, write, wrong, wrote.

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