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What Does WYM Stand For and How To Use This Useful Abbreviation in Texting

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WYM! What does WYM mean in online conversation? Have ever used this common term in your conversation? In this lesson, you will find the definition of this abbreviation as well as many useful online conversation examples to make it more clearly with alternative words to use.



WYM Meaning

The abbreviation WYM is meant to be said as a question. It literally stands for “what you mean?”, as in “what do you mean?”. This common term is used widely in texting and social media.

How To Use The Term WYM

As said earlier, this abbreviation is mostly used as a response to someone’s message or used to express misunderstanding by asking them to clarify on what they just said.

When you are having an online conversation or text message, you may face some miscommunication or being disturbed by something and relevant information being left out. You need to ask them repeat the information by texting “wym”.

Conversation Examples

Here are the many ways this abbreviated term is used.

Examples 1: Here is an online conversation between two friends, Tom and David.

  • Tom: OMG. I can’t believe what just happened.
  • David: WYM?

Example 2: A game online conversation between two friends, Dan & Jim.

  • Dan: Hey man I went downtown last night to meet up with your ex-girlfriend.
  • Jim: Dude, wym?
  • Dan: Don’t take it serious man

Example 3: A text message between two friends, Tim & Mark.

  • Tim: Hey bro, we can’t meet up today.
  • Mark: Dude, wym?
  • Tim: I am feeling under the weather.
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Similar Acronyms to WYM

There are several ways that you could use to replace this abbreviation that would convey the same message and meaning. Some other terms you could use in its place include:

  • WDYM = What Do You Mean?
  • WTFYM = What The F*** You Mean?
  • WTFDYM = What The F*** Do You Mean?
  • WYD = What You Doing?
  • WYS = What You Saying?
  • WUD = What You Doing?
  • WYO = What You On?

Other Meanings of WYM

  • WYM = Watch Your Mouth
  • WYM = What You Mean
  • WYM = Website for Young Marines
  • WYM = Wilmington Yearly Meeting (Wilmington, OH)
  • WYM = Western Yearly Meeting of Friends Church (Plainfield, IN)
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